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By TallPaul on 16/01/24 at 6:53pm

John has email us a copy of this photo:

He asks:

Hi , I wonder if you can help?

In 1983 my family travelled to the Lake District for a holiday (I was 14). It resulted in me regularly visiting the Lakes ever since.

I’ve been trying to find out where we camped in 1983. Initially I thought it was Dalebottom campsite nr Keswick but since I’ve found the picture below I’m not so sure (it still could be). Can you or anyone in your team identify where it is located? I’d love to know. Hopefully it can be identified by the profile of the fell!

I’m in the foreground.

If it was Dalebottom Farm which is here then it could be Blencathra but we're not convinced. What do you think?

By Adafox2000 on 30/04/24 at 2:09pm

Wheatsheaf Inn, Cockermouth caravan park if I am correct

By Adafox2000 on 30/04/24 at 2:10pm (last edited 30/04/24 at 2:11pm)

Not sure if you can see attachment

By TallPaul on 30/04/24 at 7:21pm

We can't see your attachment however I think you're right. This Google Streetview image looking down the side of the pub shows part of the hill profile behind which exactly matches the profile on the photo. So that's Graystones which is a Wainwright.

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