looking for a shop in the lakes district help please

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By mike from oz on 21/08/13 at 2:26am

Back in 2009 I brought some equipment from an outdoors store in Keswick, Windermere, or Grasmere I think. I can't remember the name of the store but I do remember that it was small independent shop and I think that it was on the main road through the town. The thing that makes it special and the reason that I want to find them is it was an outdoors clothing and equipment store that sold only children's equipment. Do you know of this shop, are they still operating, can you tell me the name or sent me some contact details. Thank you

By beth on 21/08/13 at 7:59am

I don't know anywhere that only does outdoor children's stuff. About the closest is Kiddiewinks http://www.childrensclothingdirect.co.uk/ in Keswick, but they aren't really outdoorsy. I guess you've already exhausted google?! All the outdoor shops I know are adult with a token amount of kids wear.


By storm7 on 01/05/14 at 1:40pm

Little Walkers in Ambleside?

By TallPaul on 01/05/14 at 1:58pm

Aha, good thinking, and they're got a web site too.

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