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By pete_rbg on 10/09/13 at 6:12pm

Having had a quick look at the Hill Database up-dates, I think a decimal-point might have been missed out for Beinn Achaladair. If not, then there's been a massive amount of tectonic movement up there ;)

"... most significant are that the top of the Beinn Achaladair (a Munro among other things) has moved by 224m."

By TallPaul on 10/09/13 at 6:20pm

Hmmm ... I may have forgotten to apply a square root. I'll check. Although having said that I've seen some big movements of summits like that before now in their database.

By TallPaul on 10/09/13 at 6:30pm

Ah no, that was for real, they did move the summit in 13.1, I was so flabbergasted that I included a map with the announcement.

Beth and I are a bit iffy about the Munro list and the way it keeps changing, but it's not up to us.

By pete_rbg on 10/09/13 at 9:00pm

Hmmm ... I may have forgotten to apply a square root...

Shouldn't that be 'route' - and wouldn't it usually be a little more circular - I always cut the corners ;)

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