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By pistolrider on 26/12/13 at 4:50pm (last edited 30/12/13 at 4:16pm)

Paul. Would it be possible to open up the photo gallery, for all to use. I have loads of photos, which I could add to the gallery, from all over the country. I know the quality will probably not be to Beth's standard as I only have a point and shoot but I do try to take a well composed picture.

I like the way the gallery is set up using a map to show where the photo is taken from and all the other information that is included, its much better than just having a photo with a caption.

I hope this is possible but if it's too much work, I know I will still be able to add photo's to the walks I post.

By TallPaul on 27/12/13 at 10:12am

That's got potential, not least because our (very) long term intention is to have a photo of every hill in our database and outwith the Lake District we're not making much progress on that at the moment, unsurprisingly. We do sometimes use photos from geograph if there's something suitable, but the quality there can be somewhat variable shall we say.

I will add this to the (long) list of Things We Need To Do ToTM

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