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By pistolrider on 28/12/13 at 4:26pm

I love this site..........and because I do, I enjoy making posts on the forums.

What would be nice, would be more members posting, on the forums. This would enhance the experience, when we are sat behind a computer, rather than being where we want to be.........amongst the hills.

Paul has obviously done masses of work to bring this superb mapping to everyone for free. It would be nice, if you use it, to show your appreciation. I will start the ball rolling............Thank you Paul!

By beth on 29/12/13 at 10:56am

Me thinks Paul likes hacking on stuff, and is quite fascinated by maps. We've got a box full of old maps from the year dot, and not to mention the odd map book about. I like pouring over them as way of imagining the walking and views! Means to an end really. Getting appreciation for his efforts is grand! Thanks!

We'd like more people to interact on the forum. The new mapping has brought in a lot of new registrations and there has been a little bit of feedback but more would be good even if it was negative or suggestions for features. If folk want new bells and whistles shout and it might appear.

By TallPaul on 29/12/13 at 3:20pm

What she said. And thanks Pistolrider. :D

By pistolrider on 30/12/13 at 7:35am

I have a cunning plan....... :twisted:

..........once registered each member must make a minimum of 10 posts on these forums, before they can access the most detailed maps. :o

And here is one extra rule:-

If anyone makes a crumby post it won't count.(Administrators decision is final) :lol:

By TallPaul on 30/12/13 at 10:10am

As the old saying goes: you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

But on the "leading to water" front we are planning to start gently reminding people who've registered but not posted that we have a forum and we also plugged the forum in the newsletter mailshot (which went out to the 57% percentage of registered users who opted in to receiving it) but if people don't want to post they won't: there's no incentive in forcing people to do so.

But them using the mapping benefits us in other ways because it means they mention WalkLakes to their friends so that helps publicise the site. And if they post about it on the Web, in forums or (ideally) on their own web site, then it really helps us as Google and other search engines do take notice of incoming links. That's why we were so pleased about our mention in The Guardian just before Christmas - the value Google et al place on the referring site is significant too.

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