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By SAC7602 on 07/01/14 at 9:28pm

I'm new to the forum, so thought I'd do a quick "hello there".

My name is Steve, I'm 51 and the last time I did any hill walking was back in 2007!

Since then, I've become a very keen canoeist ( open canoe that is), spending my time on the actual lakes surface, rather than walking around them or looking down on them.

I'm looking to get back into the hills, as I used to do a lot of walking in the Lakes and quite often these days, when I drive over with my canoe, I find I'm longing to get back on the tops. :roll:

My fitness levels are not what they used to be mind you,with paddling and humping canoes around, my strength has transferred to my upper body from the legs I think, so I'll be taking my time and won't be doing anything like the distances I did in the past. :oops:

thanks for having me

best wishes


By beth on 07/01/14 at 11:06pm

Hello Steve,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you find some walks that'll ease you back into the swing of things! So, with your canoeing, have you thought about pack-rafting?


By pistolrider on 13/01/14 at 8:21pm

Welcome aboard shipmate!

Don't worry, Steve. Hill fitness, I find, is somewhat different to anything else I know. I think a lot has to do with walking technique rather than pure strength.

I had not really done much more than 3 or 4 days on the hill each year, for 20 years (trying to earn enough to get the kids to and through university), Once I got started though , I found it all came back quite easily. I cant go as far and I cant do the ascent, that I could in the past, so these days, I tailor my routes, so they are stress free and enjoyable. (Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't quite work like that for me) :shock:

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