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By shane1974 on 13/05/14 at 10:03pm

hi guys just recently joined, i have recently used a couple of your walks, thoroughly enjoyed my walks.

I have a quick question or 2 please?

have you seen or do any of you guys possess one of these mini maps? are they any good? are they as clear as the OS versions?



By TallPaul on 14/05/14 at 9:23am

Hi, welcome aboard Shane. Glad you're enjoying our walks.

Are you talking about MyMiniMap? If so it makes me smile a bit as it reminds me of the good old green cover Pathfinder 1:25,000 maps of my youth (although they were rather bigger than A3, about 3x from what I can remember).

Anyway we've not tried them here as we tend to range rather too widely but it sounds like a cute idea and if you want a waterproof map then waterproof paper is a lot better than the Ordnance Survey's "Active" maps with laminate covers which really does suck (you end up with a heavy map which folds badly - you're far better off using a map case, that way it can't blow away either!).

Anyway if you do give it a go then let us know what you think.

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