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By jellylegs on 02/07/14 at 8:23pm

On a walk from Brotherilkeld up to Great Moss along the Esk last week it was heartbreaking to see the amount of discarded plastic bottles and cans desecrating this beautiful area. I picked up all I could find and binned them when I got home. I know no sensible walker would ever drop their rubbish and once again it is the small minority of morons who spoil it for everyone else. Could I just urge walkers to do their bit and pick up any rubbish they find, don't just walk on and think it's somebody else's problem, thanks.

By beth on 02/07/14 at 8:54pm

Ah, you are the Great Litter Fairy! :D I'm always disappointed by the amount of litter I see, not just on the popular fells but the quiet ones too - like back o' skidda. I fail to understand why people drop tissues on the path almost creating a lifeline back to where they started. Can't they see it themselves, I wonder?

By digby on 03/07/14 at 10:19am

Probably not. I assume they are getting something out of their pocket and the inevitable tissue follows. Now banana skins... that's a different matter... grrrrrrr To my shame I encountered half a dozen freshly discarded ones draped around the old mine on the Old Man of Coniston, then caught up with the half a dozen large lads that had discarded them... and didn't say anything.

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