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By Lina on 13/11/14 at 10:46am

Hi All,

I am looking for some recommendations for a walk around Ambleside. I have used this brilliant website the first time we visited the Lakes and really enjoyed walk to Wansfell Pike and Troutbeck and others outside Ambleside. However, this time I am bringing my father who, although an avid cyclist and in good physical shape, is not used to walking/hiking and has problems with his leg. I therefore a bit reluctant to take him on routes that are potentially very slippery in wet conditions (which we will definitely encounter). If you could share your experiences of walking around this time of year and any recommendations I would be most grateful.

Thank you, Lina.

By beth on 13/11/14 at 3:08pm

My immediate thoughts are to get him a pair of walking poles if he hasn't already. They add a bit of stability and just help you get along. As for walks how about Stockghyll Force? It's short and if he struggles can just turn round at any point. If he's okay with road and track gradients there's always a walk just to High Sweden Bridge. We don't have a walk there directly, but if you can get a street map of Ambleside and reverse the return on this circular walk to High Sweden Bridge, that would be something a little longer. No need to do the whole thing, just go to the bridge and back. If its not too claggy and wet the views are pretty good and it feels remote despite not being that far out of the town. I wouldn't recommend following the walk as written as there is a ladder stile before reaching the bridge which might be too much for him.

Hope that gives you some ideas? Beth

By Lina on 16/11/14 at 7:16pm

Hi Beth,

Thanks for your response. We do have a pair of walking poles and a OL7 map + phone map. How long is the ladder stile to reach High Sweden Bridge? That circular walk doesn't look too bad actually.

Thanks again. Lina

By beth on 16/11/14 at 7:51pm

Hi Lina,

The ladder stile is 2.25km from the middle of Ambleside going round the walk clockwise as written. It's not far above the bridge at NY37760667. I've just uploaded a photo of the stile which you can in the gallery here: http://www.walklakes.co.uk/photo/2741 along with the map showing where it is. I think the drop the other side is a bit further than the photo shows, which I guess is about 4 to 5ft high. If you do get that far and find the stile is too much I think you may be able to go through the gap in the wall just to the left and risk the boggy field - which may be steep and slippery. The wall separating the field to the path might be broken down still so you can just get across to rejoin the path. If I remember there's a gate and another path at the bottom of the field where it joins the stone path to go over High Sweden Bridge - but I can't guarantee it!


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