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By RobAndDog on 29/04/15 at 10:31am

Hi all,

First of all, what a great site, well done to everyone who put this together.

OK, that's the egregious flattery out of the way, now I have a request for help.

Bit of background first: we'll be coming up from London for our first ever visit to the Lakes this July. There'll be four humans and two dogs. The two dogs are both pretty young and fit Miniature Schnauzers so won't have any problem with stiles, distance etc. The humans are all fit and used to walking (we walk year-round in the Peaks, Brecons, and Surrey Hills, and the Swiss Alps every summer), but I'd stop short of calling any of us athletic or gymnastic! I'm a pretty good navigator. We'll be staying near Ambleside for a week. We're all happy to wade through boggy stuff and streams, but one of us (me) won't be able to do much in the way of scrambling as I'm now suffering with arthritis in my hands and knees :(

So, what would be your three or four suggested circular walks for us to do that week? We'd be happy to drive up to 30-45 minutes from Ambleside, but the less we drive is obviously better. We'd be willing to go up to your grade 3 of terrain, grade 4 of roughness, and grade 3 of tech difficulty. Distance-wise I'd say max 15 miles.

Oh, and cows scare the bejesus out of me (ever since an incident in Suffolk where I got chased onto a railway line by an especially nasty young herd!)

I have tried your search facility (which is great), but the issue is there's so much choice... I need help narrowing it down please!

Thanks in advance. Rob

By beth on 30/04/15 at 3:08pm

Hello RobAnd Dog! I can understand about the cows, I love to see them out in the fields and fells, but hate meeting them even without Jessie. The only problem I've had was a group of bullocks south of Coniston on the Cumbria Way, they chased me out the field! Didn't have Jessie with me as I knew they'd be cows. Not fun.

Anyway. Ambleside is nice and central with plenty of walk around it:

My recommendations... From Ambleside: Loughrigg Fell from Ambleside Wansfell Pike, Troutbeck, and Skelghyll Wood From Grasmere: Stone Arthur, Great Rigg, Heron Pike and Nab Scar

Those are moderate walks that ought to give you good views on a clear day. Loughrigg is always one of my go-to fells in any weather and state of fitness. For a longer walk I'd suggest the Fairfield Horseshoe as a classic but that is very rough with boulders and a little 'hands on rock' to steady yourself type stuff which may be too much for your knees. One to think about if you romp over the others and fancy something a bit longer.

Hope you get some good walks! Beth

By RobAndDog on 01/05/15 at 4:10pm

Thanks beth, those all look great. I'll email myself the GPX routes right now.

I'll send you some pics on our return, and if she stays still long enough, maybe our Jessie (that's what we called our Schnauzer too!) will be in one or two!

By atherdwick1 on 05/05/15 at 8:42pm

Suffolk cows are friendly. Mind you Yorkshire cows love my toller. He got a sloppy kiss from one in austwick.

By beth on 05/05/15 at 9:14pm

Marvellous! Jessie and I have walked through various breeds. The Galloways beside Grains Gill have been fine. Same for the Angus/Galloway ones in Glenamara Park on the way to Birks. The only cows I've been warned about strongly are the ones at Hartsop just beyond the car park. They're a dairy breed and when they get let out for the summer really want to have a go at anyone or anything. Even the farmer.

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