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By heathermark on 24/07/15 at 2:42pm

Does anyone have an approx postcode or can elaborate on where the gate signposted ''public way, green head 1 1/2 cumbria way'' is? - Maybe a street name? Also an idea on parking - Thanks in advance

By beth on 24/07/15 at 3:16pm

Hello. Are you trying to follow our Longlands, Lowthwaite, and Brae Fells? If you copy the start point NY26593583 and past it into the "Go to" box on our mapping it'll take you to the start point on the OS.50K map and mark it with a gradually fading cross. You can zoom in and out to get your bearings.

Since google maps changed we haven't been able to give you a direct link to streetview, but this should: google maps. You'll see the small parking area mentioned and the gateway entrance just up the hill.

Hope this helps.

By heathermark on 30/07/15 at 10:14am

Hi Beth - Perfect - Thanks for your help

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