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By imeshy on 12/08/15 at 9:46am

Dear all,

i plan to walk some non hard tracks in the lakes area.

unfortunatly, there supposed to rain on the days i'll be there.

is it still possible to walk in the rain - to "fells" such as wansfell pike etc.,.

are the raods getting to muddy to walk? are the clods high enough to have some visiblity?

i'd apreciate an expereicned answer :)

regards, Ira

By beth on 12/08/15 at 10:09am

Hello Ira.

Yes it is possible to walk in the rain, you will need a waterproof jacket and waterproof over-trousers. The trouble with rain in the lakes, and fells such as Wansfell Pike, is that when it rains the clouds will be down and you are unlikely to get any view at all. You will need a map and compass skills to navigate safely as in cloud the visibility can drop dramatically so you can't see far enough ahead to find the correct path down. And it can be surprisingly cold and horrible. On such days it is often better to stay low level!

The surface of many tracks and paths are quite hard and rocky. The path from Ambleside to Wansfell Pike has long sections of stone pitching, which can be hard on the feet. If this is a problem for you, I'd suggest maybe Loughrigg nearby might be a better fell. It's a bit lower, and more of it is grass, so you can walk alongside the hard tracks, it's easier on the feet.


By imeshy on 12/08/15 at 12:15pm

Thank you Beth,

i really apreciate the answer...

so i beleive that i would stroll in Windermere or Ambelside and maybe go to the Aira Falls (and High Force) instead

Luckily, the next day supposed to be better, so i'll still get my tracks :)


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