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By MDL on 05/09/15 at 4:26am

Hi all.

Im pretty new to all this walking but enjoying what i have done so far (only 4 wainwrights) and love Walk Lakes for the information they offer. Unfortunately i work abroad and only get home every 2 months and thats only for a month so any chance i get to get over to the Lakes I take.

My question is as I am a newcomer and still a bit green :mrgreen: when it comes to the map reading, which are the best maps to use, OS or Harvey's???

I currently have the Harvey's after reading a couple of reviews. But now I have them I have read a few more and am undecided. Or is it personal preference.

Any advice for a new guy would be appreciated.


By beth on 05/09/15 at 7:50am

Hi MDL Have to say I prefer OS 25k. I have used Harvey maps for Scotland where they seem to work out better, in some ways. However its really down to personal preferences as the information is all on both. Beth.

By rockhopper on 05/09/15 at 4:52pm

I suspect if you ask 3 different people you'll get 3 different replies - as Beth says, it's down to personal preference.
Personally I tend to prefer OS 1:50,000 which means most trips can be done with one map (other than the odd day when two are needed :roll: ) - cheers :)

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