2 day walk in the llllLake District

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By hopeyk@outlook.com on 28/01/16 at 11:20am

Can anyone advise me on a 2 day walk/camping in the lake district? I will be taking a 23 yr old with learning disabilities and would like to walk approx 20 mile.


By beth on 29/01/16 at 9:47am


Hmm. It depends on answers to so many questions. Like, campsite based/middle, or wildcamp, then circular or linear, over fells or through passes. Any particular constraints on the start/end point; accessible by public transport, or do you have a car, can you be dropped off/collected by a third party. When are you planning to go on this trip, do you and the 23yo have previous walking experience?

For example, walking from Ambleside to Keswick over the Helvellyn range, camping at Grisedale Tarn, is going to be a very different proposition to taking the Cumbria Way from Coniston to Keswick camping at the NT site in Langdale.

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