Please recommend a non-boggy walk!

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By hanelske on 22/10/16 at 2:29pm

Dear all,

I hope it is ok for me to post this question here. We are planning a day trip to the lakes (from Gateshead) to do potentially as many Wainwrights as we can (I mean, we aim for at least 3). We are a group of 4 but will be going with an 18 month child (in a carry rucksack), so we are looking for somewhere not too boggy (not easy this time of the year I'm sure) and no significant scree/drops/edges etc. We have done ~10km walks in about 5-6 hours (which includes stops) and are looking to do another.

I personally love Fleetwith Pike (the view and the look of the fell), we are walking with dogs too so tarns are always a bonus. I look forward to hearing your suggestions :)

Many thanks, Helen

By beth on 24/10/16 at 5:31pm

Not boggy, and no scree, drops, or edges, that's quite a tall order as anything that is nicely rounded is grass and therefore potentially boggy. I could also see that even the odd rocky step, or steep grass slope could be trouble with a baby in a carrier on board.

I'm hesitant to recommend anything, certainly with 2 or 3 Wainwrights, as being suitable as each I've thought of has some potential issue or another.

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