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By SlippinJimmy on 08/02/17 at 8:41pm

Hi SlippinJim here,

I've been using WalkLakes for about 6 months now as great source of information when planning walks in the Lakes. Thought it's about high time to stop lurking and contribute a little. A little about myself, before I start rambling on in the appropriate section. My brother and I were introduced to the beauty of The Lakes 25 years ago by an Uncle. We used to come up during the holidays a couple of times a year for a week of trekking and youth hosteling. As we turned to our teens we lost interest and turned our attention to other pass times such as cheap cider, girls and other teenage hobbies. My brother now has a daughter of a similar age as when we first started out and thought it would be a fine idea to introduce her to the wonders of the fells. I think we are going to have a tough time converting the Iphone generation but for my brother and I it all came flooding back and with an appreciation you just don't command when you're 10. Well, one that I didn't. So with the fire burning once more we get up whenever the diary of life will allow.

Message for the Mods,I think an introductions thread would be a good addition to the forum. Feel free to shoot me down if it's already there.

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