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By Ussrdolphin on 24/05/17 at 9:05am

Hello folks

I'm going to walk up Scafell Pike from Seathwaite tomorrow. Coming back down the corridor route. Can anyone give me a rough idea how much time it would add if I took in Lingmell on the way down?

Many thanks.

By Lancashire Lad on 24/05/17 at 6:04pm


Distance wise, - from the point where you would normally turn eastwards at the Lingmell col area, - (after descending there from the Pike), to begin the Corridor Route, it would be about 500m to Lingmell's summit. - So, about 1Km there and back.

Height wise, - from that eastwardly turning point, you would have to continue descending for maybe another 20m, (to get to the actual low point of Lingmell col), from where there would be approximately 65 - 70m of ascent to get up to Lingmell summit.

Time taken would obviously depend on how fast/slow you progress, but I'd say that something between 30-45minutes should be ample to get up to Lingmell summit and then back down to the col. Obviously though, stopping to enjoy the views / take photos, etc. etc., will add to the time taken. :D

I'd suggest having a look at the Walk Lakes GPS mapping page, where, (when logged in), you will be able to view both the map and satellite image of the area. It should be easy enough to get a good approximation of your likely time for the detour using your own average walking speed etc. ;)

Regards, Mike.

By Ussrdolphin on 28/05/17 at 6:08pm


Took me about 20/25 minutes to ascend in the heat. A really peaceful place to have my sandwiches after the crowds on Scafell Pike.

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