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By TimeToAscend on 30/05/17 at 2:31pm

For either this coming summer of 2017, or possibly the summer of 2018, I am planning a walking only trip (no car) in the Lake District with 3 other friends and my dog (Hungarian Vizsla, very fit for walking). Last year I solo planned and budgeted a week of camping/walking in the Lakes with 3 other friends and it went 'ok', issues arose over carrying heavy bags for miles and the fact that we were all 17 so no booze :'(. Learning from my mistakes I want to do another trip with some different friends, all of us will be 18 and we will be only walking (will the occasional bus / taxi) with all of our gear for a week to a week and a 1/2.

My initial plan (fresh thought of today, it will be fleshed out much further and realistically later) is this:

Last time we had a set route planned, which turned out to be much more difficult with out gear than anticipated and therefore we barely achieved anything (barely any hills climbed, little exploration). This time I plan on starting in a familiar location and mapping nearby campsites / sites of interest, and we just explore, going up hills as we see fit, visiting caves, etc - campsites will be informed of us staying prior to our arrival if we choose one on the fly.

Budget per person approx £250-£350 MAX, which is realistic based off of our last expedition

I was just wondering if anyone has done something similar to this (especially without a car)? If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated on any topic such as sites, walks, equipment (light equipment), budget, if this is possible (I believe it is), etc

Thanks guys

By SheepFarmer on 23/06/17 at 5:19pm

My suggestion is to stay at just a couple of places and do walks from them, with less weight allowing greater distance.

Although I wasn't backpacking I stayed at Chapel House Farm campsite last year (see their website for details) in the heart of Borrowdale, although it doesn't mention it, the site has a big barn for the use of the campers with tables & chairs, signs say no food preparation or sleeping, but saw people eating inside, also had freezer for ice packs only & pegs for hanging wet things up. I did a couple of day walks from the site Scafell Pike & Great Gable, had planned a Newlands round from it as well but drove to end of Catbells instead to do it (see my walk posts), plus plenty of other peaks & water bodies within distance. Couple of pubs, tea shop and bit of shop in Rosthwaite all within strolling distance. Plotting it, about 3hr walk from Keswick on Cumbria Way or local bus Honister Rambler comes by but limited times.

When I was there I think the farmer put the rucksack of a backpacker in a shed overnight and you may be able to get the odd scoop of dried dog food as most farmers with dogs buy big bags of it. Contact them, explain things, ask nicely & offer to pay to cover cost.

After exhausting things there Buttermere, Thirlmere, Wasdale Head & Langdale are half day walks, depending on loads. I used this site to find a suitable site when planning. And now with WalkLakes mapping features I plot walks based on the Naismith time rather than distance as I used to on the old bing maps.

By SheepFarmer on 11/07/17 at 11:20am

In regard to my response above, found these shots I took of the barn at the campsite.

Although you may have already done you're trip, in which case hope it went well, but now there here for others to look at if they want.

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