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By CARLOS on 05/11/17 at 11:31am

Can someone settle a long running friendly dispute and confirm which fell is the flat topped fell that can be viewed from the likes of Loughrigg and the Low Wood Bay Hotel.... Pike of Stickle is the dome shaped one but not certain on the flat topped one,, Is it Pavey Ark??..My colleague thinks Harrison Stickle ??

By Lancashire Lad on 05/11/17 at 4:22pm


Yes, Harrison Stickle is definitely the one noted in your photo.

I've taken the liberty of copying your shot with annotation to show its relationship with other fells: -

I'm guessing that your shot was taken from somewhere just slightly more northerly than Loughrigg, and can't decide whether that's the top of Pike O'Stickle poking out above Loft Crag, or whether it's actually Loft Crag's summit.

I'm getting the feeling that the little nub, just left of Harrison Stickle, (marked with yellow arrow), may well be Pike O'Stickle's summit.

Loft Crag isn't in doubt, as you can clearly make out the Dungeon Ghyll ravine between it and Harrison Stickle.

Regards, Mike.


Just had a look at the fell-top panorama's on the Fellranger (Mark Richards) website, and the one describing the view from Loughrigg summit shows this: -

This graphic is an extract from The Central Fells, volume one in the Lakeland Fellranger series published in April 2008 by Cicerone Press

Regards, Mike.

By CARLOS on 06/11/17 at 12:47pm

Thanks for clearing that up...Carl posting.php?mode=reply&f=14&t=541#

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