Skiddaw and Helvellyn

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By daveg on 10/01/18 at 5:07pm

Hi All,

Has anyone done both Skiddaw and Helvellyn in a day? Am planning a trip and have very very limited time and wanted to do both.

Just after thoughts and experiences please...


By Lancashire Lad on 10/01/18 at 5:38pm

This would depend very much on what time of year your intended visit would be, and how fit you are. :)

I've done both many times - but not both in a day.

The "tourist route" up Skiddaw from the Underscar/Latrigg parking area, combined with Helvellyn from High Park Wood on the Thirlmere side would be the easiest of available routes. (But neither would be my route of choice).

Personally, even at a time of year with plenty of daylight hours, I doubt whether doing both in a day would be an enjoyable experience. (And in my humble opinion, If it isn't enjoyable, then other than for "peak bagging", what's the real point of doing it?).

If you are definitely restricted to just one day, then I'd really recommend doing one or the other.

Both fells have their own attractions, but for me, of the two, Helvellyn, (especially going up via Striding Edge from a start at Glenridding) would win hands down. ;)

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Regards, Mike.

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