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By Scuba6936 on 03/02/18 at 4:05pm

Hello New to forum and do not know how to fill in my log book can anyone enlighten me please

By TallPaul on 03/02/18 at 4:18pm

There's several ways. In order of easiness they're probably:

  1. Find the hill using the hill finder and click on the "log the hill" link.

  2. If you used a GPS when you visited the hill then load the GPX track into the GPX mapping app and a popup will offer you the opportunity to add those tops it thinks you visited to your log.

  3. Write a walk report in the forum - once you've identified your start location and how far you walked you'll be offered a list of tops you may have visited.

  4. Go into your log book in your rucksack (link top right) and edit the list from in there.

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