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By SheepFarmer on 09/03/18 at 5:19pm

Or just me having a bit of fun. But have a read of this

It came from a book THE LAKELAND PEAKS by W.A.Poucher from 1960, so now you know how to waterproof your boots and here's a picture of them from the book.

And on nailing -

So there you have it :D :lol:

By ScoutScarShuffler on 09/03/18 at 9:27pm

Yep I have that same Poucher book and still enjoy reading it, and comparing today's fell conditions to those some 50+ years ago, I wonder what folk will be saying about our current footwear and clothing 50+ years in the future.

By SheepFarmer on 10/03/18 at 12:59pm

Some things never change - a bit more from the book< are some who regard the story of lady in high-heeled shoes climbing gable as a figment imagination, but i have often observed these discarded heels undergoing process disintegration among stones aeron stack and bed rosset>

But for a bit of seriousness, the difference is that today there's probably nothing left from Mr Poucher's time but as we keep hearing in the news, many modern materials don't degrade, so those who go the 50+ years from now may still find those things discarded today.

By Lancashire Lad on 10/03/18 at 4:52pm

I have the 1976 (6th revised edition) of the book, which shows that things are beginning to move on.

On boots, Poucher writes: -

". . . . I have noticed in the last decade a great improvement in the footwear worn by walkers; for gone are the remnants of unserviceable shoes which at one time could be found in places like Aaron Slack and the bed of Rossett Gill, whereas nowadays proper climbing boots are almost universally worn". Later, he says: -

"Most climbing boots have Vibram soles which have both advantages and disadvantages; they are silent on the roads, easier on the feet on dry rock, but on ice, wet rock or mossy slabs they can be a handicap to rapid progress because the utmost care becomes imperative to avoid a slip, which in an exposed situation might result in a twisted or broken ankle". The section on oiling is now omitted, but he does still include the section on nailing, (including same photo of nailed boot sole). The entire text of the section, (other than for the inclusion of five extra words), is exactly the same wording as per your images above. The first sentence, now reads: -

**"Nailing is of paramount importance though nowadays on the decline, but there are so many varieties . . . ."

**Regards, Mike.

By SheepFarmer on 11/03/18 at 8:10am

Eleventh Edition 1998 - were now into "classic Vibram pattern" , Leather & Cordura uppers & Gortex lining. Gone are the pic of nailed boots & no mention of nailing However the revisions are by Peter Little & preface by John Poucher & note of Mr Poucher's death in Aug 1988 age 96, There is also mention of a memorial bench at the Scafell Hotel with the inscription

                                    IN MEMORY OF
                                    WALTER POUCHER 1891-1988
                           A RENOWNED MOUNTAIN PHOTOGRAPHER
                                  WHO LOVED THE WILD PLACES

And now spot the difference between the frontispiece photos from both-

1960 edition
11th Edition 1998

By ScoutScarShuffler on 13/03/18 at 10:22am

Bottom photograph has been printed the wrong way round.

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