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By Lancashire Lad on 02/04/18 at 3:33pm

In response to WalkLakes Blog Post "Walking The High Fells": - https://www.walklakes.co.uk/opus54460.html

One would think, given prevailing weather conditions, and in particular, with Lake District winter fell-top conditions recently getting a fair amount of coverage in national press and television media, that people considering walking to the high fells would have no excuse for not knowing what might be encountered when up there.

Apparently not so, and it seems that the genuinely ignorant (in the proper sense of the word), are potentially being outnumbered by the downright stupid!

I have commented previously, ( viewtopic.php?f=14&t=559#p1127 ), on the difficulty of trying to get the message across to the type of folks who don't consider the potential implications of winter fellwalking.

However, there are some folks who must be not only "not considering what might go wrong", but carrying on regardless when they can actually see - and physically feel, conditions whereby even the smallest amount of common sense should dictate turning back and leaving the walk for a better day!

Here's a screengrab of a Twitter post by Fell Top Assessors, for Saturday March 31st. - Easter Saturday: -

That was the situation at Helvellyn summit, at approximately mid-day.

I would urge everyone reading this to visit the Fell Top Assessors Twitter feed: - https://twitter.com/LakesWeather?ref_sr ... itter-code and view the other photos, comments, and two very short video sequences taken on his walk up Helvellyn on that day (Easter Saturday -March 31st.). All of which show severe, full-on winter conditions, with much fresh (over old) snow, low temperature wind chill, and bad visibility to contend with.

So that was Helvellyn conditions on Easter Saturday, and here is a copy of his "Fell Top Conditions" report for the day: - (I have highlighted one paragraph in particular, in red).

In case that's a bit too small to be read easily, I have extracted that paragraph below: -

It beggars belief, given the conditions that could obviously be seen and felt on the day - (witness the Fell Top Assessor's photos and videos), that droves of ill-equipped and ill-prepared people would still carry on regardless - putting themselves, and potentially, fellow walkers, and not least mountain rescue team volunteers, at risk.

This type of person cannot be categorized as merely ignorant. - They are, quite frankly, in my opinion, utterly stupid!

What can be done to prevent, or at least reduce this type of lunacy? - I've no idea, but it is clear beyond any doubt that the basic intelligence of some people leaves a great deal to be desired!!!!!

Regards, Mike.

By ScoutScarShuffler on 03/04/18 at 11:58am

Like this you mean :- http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/lakes/Unbelievable-Experienced-walkers-left-gobsmacked-at-couple-climbing-Lakes-mountain-wearing-jeans-48f1ebd4-9be7-4510-81ff-c1b318c52952-ds#//

WalkLakes recognises that hill walking, or walking in the mountains, is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death.
Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.