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By SheepFarmer on 31/05/18 at 10:35am

With all this sun we've had how about doing a nice trucker type baseball cap emblazoned with you logo. Plus offering for sale packs of some of the glorious images you use, similar to to how you sell walks.

By TallPaul on 31/05/18 at 10:47am

Well SpreadShirt, who are our partners for merchandise, do offer baseball caps (see here for some examples) but we've never had that much success with our T-shirts. We do sell a few, but only a few. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try it mind you.

As for photos we have wondered about selling those. Our friend Paul over at Walkhighlands starting selling his photos last year through SmugMug and we've been meaning to ask him how he's been getting on so we could decide whether it would be worth our while to try too.

By SheepFarmer on 31/05/18 at 12:19pm

I was wondering about digital images for download or blank cards something like these ... buttermere, but I've already used most of the ones I think suitable as birthday cards for those who much prefer a decent landscape pic than anything else. The other Pauls images are good but to big & much for my purpose. We are more of a thought that counts rather than £ family. With the hats plenty of choice of types but the few I picked seem expensive compared to print your design ones on ebay. Or perhaps I'm just a skinflint !

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