Low water levels at Haweswater - BBC Howler!!!

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By Lancashire Lad on 20/07/18 at 4:14pm

I just spotted the link to this BBC video, (regarding current low water level at Haweswater), in WalkLakes homepage's "Tweets" column: - https://t.co/5GlQp3CGEB

Very obvious that the people at the BBC haven't got much of clue about the Lake District in general, - as almost half of that video actually shows Thirlmere and not Haweswater! :shock:

Regards, Mike.

By beth on 20/07/18 at 8:26pm

Yup, in the last 10s they switch to Thirlmere. Ooops.

By ScoutScarShuffler on 20/07/18 at 9:40pm

Pretty crowded down at Haweswater yesterday when we got back down from an early start with a wee Jaunt over Rough Crag, High Street,Rampsgill Head and Kidsty Pike and back to car park'

In fact the water levels were much lower in 1995 when we were able to walk onto Wood Howe Island, which of course is a bird sanctuary.

By Lancashire Lad on 21/07/18 at 12:07am

I might have exaggerated a little in saying "almost half" - but I hadn't timed it at the point that I originally posted.

However, it is certainly one-third of the video.

From the scene beginning at 28 seconds in, (panning along the wall), to the end of the video at 42 seconds, shows a continuous 14 seconds worth of Thirlmere.

Even the "still" screenshot that has to be clicked on to actually start the video shows Thirlmere. :shock:

Regards, Mike.

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