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By SheepFarmer on 10/08/18 at 12:49pm

I see in today's papers that we have a new mountain in the Lake District - Miller Moss aka Little Lingy Hill having now been measured at 610.1m (2001.6ft) by independent surveyors, for us to bag & more work for Paul & Beth to update its listing status on this site & their maps, as though we don't seem to keep them busy enough with requests already. :D

By beth on 10/08/18 at 1:22pm

We'll pick that up when the next release of the hills database comes out. (I love the royal we, it's the noise it makes punctuated by Paul swearing because they've changed the names and numbers of the sections again! :D )

Your request the other day re Waymaps3d, now that is a hard problem. It's the technological equivalent of being lost in a maze of dark, twisty passages all the same, without Scooby dog to lead you out.

By ScoutScarShuffler on 10/08/18 at 8:59pm

The story behind how it was measured/discovered can be found here :-


By SheepFarmer on 11/08/18 at 8:24am

To clarify as I understand it, the new mountain is Miller Moss but it's highest point is at NY304339, marked Little Lingy Hill on Waymaps, whereas OS maps have the 2nd col talked about in the grough article as Little Lingy Hill at NY302334.

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