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By Gwithian on 19/08/18 at 12:45pm

Hi all,

My wife and me only started walking in the past 12 months, it all started with a trip to Keswick and the ascent of Catbells. We love walking, but the majority of our walks have been flat walks with the kids and dogs. Our kids are now grown up and sadly we lost our beloved cocker spaniels, Holly and Sophie last year. We wanted to carry on walking, but didn't want to revisit the places we took the dogs, it sounds daft, but we still miss them deeply.

We decided to visit Keswick, and our hotel overlooked the lake and Catbells, we thought "lets have a go" so we took the launch from Keswick to Hawes and walked up Catbells, down the other side and then followed the path around the lake to the Lodor landing stage..... that was an amazing day and that's when we got the bug. We have done Catbells a couple of times since then, perhaps because it was our first proper hill, we fell in love with it.

Later last year, again staying in Keswick we decided to walk up Skiddaw from Keswick. It was a beautiful day and we got over little man and headed for the summit. Suddenly the cloud rolled in and it started pouring, as we didn't know where we were going we decided it was better to retrace our steps and returned the way we came.

We really had the walking bug now, we have become frequent visitors to Castleton and the hope valley in the Peak District, like Catbells, we have done Lose hill, Black Tor, Hollins Cross, Mam Tor and back down Winnets pass three times now, we have also done the Ladybower reservoir and Win hill and kinder reservoir to kinder scout, and Edale to kinder scout via Jacobs ladder and returned via pymms chair, the wool packs and Grindslow knoll.

Then, luckily, I found, we were planning our next trip to Keswick and my wife had decided that we should have a go at Helvellyn, this site gave us the detailed route we needed to navigate, together with a Harvey's 1:25000 map our route from Glenridding, going up striding edge and turning via Swirral edge. We really didn't know if we would make it, but we thought we would give it a go....when we first stood on striding edge we both thought... oh heck.... but once we realised we co lad do it there was no stopping us. Arriving at the summit was amazing, we still find it hard to believe we actually did it, but we did and it is really down to the detailed instructions on her that helped us to achieve this.

We still class ourselves as novices to this new found interest, we are back in Keswick tomorrow and planning our next outing, Scafell? Fairfield Horseshoe? Old Man of Coniston? Or perhaps our favourite, Catbells and onto maidan moor, high spy ....with the help of this site, I'm researching all of these...

So we are new to this kind of walking, we have found that our fitness levels have improved greatly and we are really enjoying our new pastime.

As a newbie I do have a few questions, if I may...

I'm not too sure how to complete a walk log, can I do write ups of the walks we have already undertaken, or can I only include those we do from joining the forum? Also I have loads of pictures, I need to work out how to post them. Any advice appreciated.

Gps tracking... this is something I fancy doing so I can start recording our walks, is this something this site does, or do I need to get an app for my iPhone? If it's the latter, is there any app you would recommend.

I am ofay with forums, can this one be accessed via Tapatalk?

I think that's it for now, I will let you all know how we get on with our walking over the next few days.... Hopefully it will stay dry, we don't have the confidence as yet to head for the hills in inclement weather.

Sorry fir the long post

Best wishes

Joan and Stephen :D

By TallPaul on 19/08/18 at 6:52pm

As a newbie I do have a few questions, if I may...

I'm not too sure how to complete a walk log, can I do write ups of the walks we have already undertaken, or can I only include those we do from joining the forum? Also I have loads of pictures, I need to work out how to post them. Any advice appreciated.

You can write up any walk you've done at any time. Start a post in the appropriate walks reports forum so, for example, if it's in the Lake District post it here. If possible fill in the fields at the top and the software will then show you a list of hills near the start of your walk which you may have "bagged", thus making it easy to add these to your log book.

You can add photos by uploading them as attachments and inserting them into the report.

Gps tracking... this is something I fancy doing so I can start recording our walks, is this something this site does, or do I need to get an app for my iPhone? If it's the latter, is there any app you would recommend.

If you have a GPS then you can also post the GPX track1 file from it as an attachment and that will then be displayed in the walk report. You can see lots of people doing that in the forums, like Glaramara, Allen Crags, etc. (From Langdale) for example.

We don't recommend using your phone for recording your track: although most smart phones do have a GPS built in using it continually canes the battery so we recommend using a dedicated GPS. A basic one like my Garmin Etrex 10 will do nicely (although you can spend a lot more money and get ones with built in OS maps like the Satmap Active 12 Plus).

I am [okay] with forums, can this one be accessed via Tapatalk?

Not at the moment. Maybe later.

  1. A track records where you have been and when you were there. For more information click here.

By beth on 19/08/18 at 10:15pm

Hi Joan and Stephen,

Paul didn't say well done on doing Striding and Swirral Edges! That's a fantastic walk and quite an achievement. Despite being novices you obviously kept a cool head and enjoyed all the rock hopping and scrambling.

For your next walk the ones you mentioned are all good. One for good weather in the area of your favourite place, I'd recommend - Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head. If you still have the energy you could continue and do the full Newlands round onto High Spy, Maiden Moor, and Catbells. It's along day. For Scafell Pike, I'm split between The Corridor Route from Wasdale (also can go from Seathwaite in Borrowdale - Scafell Pike from Seathwaite via the Corridor Route and going via Mickledore. Plenty of good routes to choose from.

Anyway, good walking!

By Gwithian on 20/08/18 at 6:48am

Thanks for the warm welcome Paul and Beth. I'll have a look at the GPS Paul suggested :D and the walks you suggested Beth. :D

By SheepFarmer on 23/08/18 at 1:42pm

Hello Joan & Stephen,

First of as a regular user & walker let me say you've started well in your experiences not just in the walks you've completed but in deciding to turn back when you were unsure of things.

I have a lot of walks under my belt of both the White & Dark Peak & know the area very well, so can offer plenty of advice there if wanted. Less for the Lakes but hopefully more to come. You may have done Scafell Pike now but a couple of suggestions are, from Seathwaite up Hind Gill to Glaramara - Esk Hause - Scafell Pike & back by the Corridor route a slightly shorter version of one I did and posted, Wasdale may be a better start if you want to include Sca Fell, which I'm hoping to do this Sept. If you're in Borrowdale I'd say a more overlooked fell is Eagle Crag it may not be that big but it's situation and step rise from valley floor give excellent views, but it's definitely one to plan & read about in advance, by contrast Ullscarf is one to ignore unless you like wetness.

As you haven't got a GPS unit yet you could plot your walks on this site and then add that file into you walk report appropriately labeled for those you've already done. Plus if you haven't yet gone the whole hog and become a paid up supporter then I think it's totally worth it especially to support Paul & Beth.

For GPS units I use a Garmin Etrex 20 a step up from the 10, but a colour screen makes a difference, newer touch screens may be better but use batteries faster and there is always going to be a newer or fancier model just ahead of whatever you get. Plus if you get adventurous GPS makes accurate way-finding off path a whole lot easier.

For maps mine could take OS maps but I buy an updated TalkyToaster 1:50 look & feel one every couple of years. For the price they are certainly worth looking at, but I think there for Garmin GPS only. They're based on openstreetmap data which this site also uses, which is crowd mapping done by enthusiasts, I find the paths marked generally agree with whats on the ground unlike some of the OS official paths. Plus if you're running Windows then Garmins free Basecamp application is worth looking at to ease transfer between unit & application & you can import & export or load & download GPX files between it & this sites mapping and plot and alter on either.

By Gwithian on 25/08/18 at 8:54am

Thanks for the warm reply sheepfarmer, we didn't do scafell this time, the weather wasn't good enough for us, but we did do two easier walks, I'm going to post them in the walks section.

Our next walk planned in Edale is Grindslow Knoll, we have done that before, but this time want to head across Kinder Scout to Kinder Downfall, then to Knnder trig point, Edale rocks, pymms chair and the wool packs and back to Grindslow knoll...

. my question is it there a good easily navigable path between Grindslow knoll and kinder downfall?

Also how long would this walk take?


Stephen &a Joan :D

By SheepFarmer on 25/08/18 at 1:06pm

The simple answer is no, although there are paths marked on the map as you head in to the centre they are like the streams coming out as they branch they get fainter & fainter and as everything is generally flat it's easy to lose your direction without a compass at least, if you're trying it by dead reckoning and stream flow from the centre & pick the wrong one you can easily end up on the wrong side. The centre of KInder is for those who like a challenge in navigation & don't mind potentially getting wet & muddy, I like it because it is so rough and isolated. The the closest to what you describe was a walk I haven't posted on the forum when I visited 4 trig pillars on & around the plateau, GPS track here -

I'd pre plotted the stream corses beforehand and was following them as crossing aginst the flow of the cloughs & hagss is realy demanding. Pic 1 is the level part between Grinds Brook & Kinder River, Pic 2 a nice deep clough I was following i'd guess around 8ft deep pic 1

pic 2

If you want to do the edges you said and I assumeit's Kinder Low trig,I covered them in my walk report here viewtopic.php?f=10&t=482 & want to experience the centre of the plateau without to much of a challenge then I'd suggest following Kinder River upstream until you get as far as you're comfortable with, then turning round and following the flow of water back out, you could also head up via Grinds Brook Clough as an alternative & in & back out of the centre along Grinds Brook passing the remains of shepherds hut. But all of this would be a full day walk. Not as scenic but always quieter are the Northern & Eastern edges. Plus as you pass thro' Hope you can wave to my ancestors in the churchyard.

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