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By SheepFarmer on 18/09/18 at 12:49pm

The rubber toe protector on my boots is starting to come away from the leather/suede and I was after any recommendations for a glue to fix it ?

By ScoutScarShuffler on 18/09/18 at 4:05pm

You could try Aquaseal + SR :-

Aquasole+SR is rebranded Freesole as used in this Utube clip :-

I have used free sole and shoe goo in the past on my fellshoes and both products have worked and extended the life of otherwise ruined fell shoes but as always the key is in the preparation of the shoe or boot before the application of the product.

I have not used the re-branded version of freesole i.e Aquaseal+SR, but I would certainly give it a go.

it is never good to write off a favorite pair of Fell shoes/Boots

Good luck

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