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By TallPaul on 05/11/18 at 10:21am

SheepFarmer reports that he can't see the twitter feed on our home page and he's sent us this screen shot (which I've squashed down but you can still see the issue):

He's seeing this on Chrome, Firefox & Edge in Window 10 despite having all extensions disabled and having cleared his cache.

Now our problem is that we're not seeing this, on Chrome or Firefox, on Windows 10, Linux, or Android; so I've got two questions:

  1. Are you seeing this on your browser of choice? If you are then can you tell me what browser and operating system you are using?

  2. If you are technically minded (and especially if you are seeing this happening on your browser) have you got any idea as to what is going on as we're bemused?

Thanks all.

By Lancashire Lad on 05/11/18 at 10:45am


You don't mention Windows Explorer, but I still use that as my browser of choice, (with Windows 10 operating system).

However, everything looks fine in Explorer on my machine: -

Regards, Mike.

By ScoutScarShuffler on 05/11/18 at 3:40pm

All good on Firefox using Linux os

By SheepFarmer on 07/11/18 at 5:21pm

First thank you for the responses. So I've been fiddling round and have made a discovery but am still at a loss,the page is fine on this PC when running Linux from USB & on my old pc that is running unregistered Win10 32bit I've found that if I turn content blocking off in Firefox the twitter feed works & it works all the time in Edge despite altering settings. However on my current 64bit Win10 PC altering the content blocking in firefox makes no difference to repairing the page & resetting Firefox made no difference. In Edge on this pc changing settings made no difference to repairing the page either. Both machines are running the same security suit under a multi pc licence.

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