Don't be a mountain walking numpty!

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By Lancashire Lad on 04/03/19 at 4:44pm

I have used this somewhat provocative topic title purposely.

There is an in depth feature by Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team on the TV programme "Inside Out", tonight on BBC1 (Northwest) at 7:30pm.

I would urge everyone who reads this, (those who count themselves as experienced walkers included), to watch the programme, or view it later on I-Player or Catch-up.

Far too many times, and with ever increasing numbers, people are going up into the hills ill prepared, without suitable clothing for the conditions, and without necessary navigational equipment (map & compass and the ability to use them competently), and they are then calling out the mountain rescue teams as if they were some sort of get out of jail free card, when the weather deteriorates - as it often, and sometimes very quickly does, rendering them clueless as to exactly where they are, with no idea as to how to get back to their start point!

Mountains are fantastic places to be. They can offer tremendous physical and mental benefits, and they have some of the best scenery in the land. But they can be dangerous places too.

You owe it to yourself when you go into the hills to have the necessary equipment, and the skills to use it correctly. And you owe it to the mountain rescue teams, (all unpaid volunteers with families and workloads of their own to consider), not to be calling them out unnecessarily - just because you couldn't be bothered to prepare yourself properly.

Learn the skills, and have the necessary clothing and equipment with you, and you will be hard pressed to find any better an activity than fellwalking. - Keep yourselves safe everyone!

Regards, Mike.

By SheepFarmer on 06/03/19 at 12:47pm

The same article was also featured on BBC Radio 4's PM program on the Mon as well.

By SheepFarmer on 06/03/19 at 12:59pm

I also presume that its this website that they referred to that Cumbria is going to follow.

By SheepFarmer on 20/04/19 at 1:19pm

Having just checked the link I posted above it now redirects to & covers Lake District Cumbria as well as Wales and if you like you can change language to Cymraeg.

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