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By Emma1981 on 05/05/19 at 8:29pm

I'm new to all this but wanted to know if when the walk says 6km and the route on the map does not show a circular route is the 6km just one way. Also does anyone know any walks suitable for kids. Thanks

By TallPaul on 05/05/19 at 8:45pm (last edited 05/05/19 at 8:45pm)

The distance shown is always the whole distance, so if it's an out and back that will be the distance to walk there and back again.

As for walks suitable for kids of course only you can judge what your child is capable of. We see remarkably young children striding out of the fells while other, rather older children, can be seen struggling in the same situation if not used to walking any distance however all our walks are given an overall rating, so "gentle", "easy", "moderate" etc along with overall distance, which should give you some idea of the suitability of each walk.

And having used that to narrow the shortlist down then if you then look at individual walks you can see the total ascent involved (which can also be a big factor in deciding how suitable a walk is for anyone), the walk profile (i.e. how up and down it is - personally I like walks that go up ... anf the down, not up and down and up and down, but that's just me).

We also rate specific factors for each walk like our assessment of the terrain (so if it's smooth easy walking through to exposed "knife edge" terrain where a mistake could be fatal) and the "bog factor" (how boggy it might be). We also tend to give notes to back out our rating for each of these factors.

Finally it's worth simply reading the walk descriptions and step by step instructions in detail where we do try to note anything which we think might be challenging for the walker.

Hope this helps?

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