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By TallPaul on 06/05/19 at 12:24pm (last edited 09/05/19 at 7:43am)

I've just uploaded a new release of the forum software which, by the way, was written by us, unlike the old software, which means it's now a lot easier for us to tweak.

This has the following changes in it:

  1. The location "breadcrumbs" ribbon now starts with "Forum", not "Board Index" (it's a forum, not a board).

  2. The general forums are now so labelled in the breadcrumbs ribbon (they were previously just called "Forums", which was confusing).

  3. Walk reports now have "m" correctly shown next to the metric ascent height (thanks to Lancashire Lad for spotting that).

  4. When replying to a post the location breadcrumbs ribbon and the topic subject are now displayed (thanks to SheepFarmer for his suggestion).

  5. Next to the topic subject a new "view" button toggles the display of the text of the post to which you are replying (thanks to Lancashire Lad for requesting that - his point 1 on that post).

N.B. You may need to clear your browser cache (so hold down Shift while clicking on reload) to see all of this.

By TallPaul on 06/05/19 at 12:31pm (last edited 09/05/19 at 7:47am)

By the way this post reminds me that there's a neat feature of the next software which I don't think anyone has spotted yet but I've just used above: if you name another user and prefix their username with "/u/" e.g. "/u/TallPaul" then this will be shown as their username which, if clicked, will show their profile. If there's a space in their username then replace it with a tilde e.g. "/u/Lancashire~Lad".

So it's displayed like this TallPaul or this Lancashire Lad - cute huh?

By TallPaul on 07/05/19 at 10:50am

My intention is that when someone is "tagged" in a post like that then they will get an alert ... but I've not done that bit yet ;)

By TallPaul on 09/05/19 at 7:44am

... but I have now. :D

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