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By ContourChris on 19/06/19 at 6:32am

Hello All, I'm planning a trip to the lakes this coming weekend for the other half's birthday. We are are hoping to walk the fairfield horseshoe round with a bit of a detour into Grasmere for lunch. Does anyone have any tips for this route? It looks pretty straightforward but I've never been to this area before. What are the best resources for keeping up to date with the weather for the lakes? I've been using the Met Office website, are there any others that you might recommend? Regards Chris

ps. I look forward to writing my first walk report.

By TallPaul on 19/06/19 at 6:38am

I assume you've read our description of the Fairfield Horseshoe?

By ContourChris on 19/06/19 at 7:18am

Yes I've read the description. I've also read what Wainwright had to say about each of the fells. I was just checking that nothing new had arisen.

By TallPaul on 19/06/19 at 6:39am

Oh yes, and our weather page has some good tips on forecasts.

By beth on 19/06/19 at 8:08am

Fairfield horseshoe doesn't lend itself well to lunch in Grasmere. You could go anti-clockwise and drop into Grasmere, via Stone Arthur or Alcock Tarn, but it would be late afternoon tea rather than lunch. Or the other way a brunch in Grasmere on your way out. Whilst it's a straightforward long walk it is rough in places, and Fairfield is big plateau that requires good navigation in poor visibility otherwise you can end up somewhere you didn't intend.

By ContourChris on 19/06/19 at 6:38pm (last edited 19/06/19 at 6:39pm)

We plan on going anti clockwise setting off at roughly 9am

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