Certain Shapes of JPEG Image Attachment Won't Upload?

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By Lancashire Lad on 27/09/19 at 3:40pm (last edited 27/09/19 at 3:41pm)

Currently unable to add certain shapes of image attachment into a topic.

When I click on the "upload an image or GPX" tab above the textbox, the attachments pop up appears as normal, and I can browse to the required image as normal.

The image in question is a screen-grab of a few lines of text, (saved as a Jpeg image), which I'd posted in a previous topic, and which I wished to refer to in a new topic.

However, when I click on the required image, it's thunbnail appears in the attachment upload box, but there is no way to insert it into the post I'm making, as the red coloured clickable "insert" and "delete" tabs are not there.

Slightly difficult to explain in words, but hopefully the image below will show what I mean.

In that image you can see that I twice tried to make an attachment (in Jpeg form) of a few lines of text. On both occasions, the attachment box did not show the Insert/delete tabs.
I subsequently screengrabbed a more typical aspect ratio of attachment shape, and saved that as a Jpeg, (for the image inserted below), and the insert/delete tabs were then visible.

I suspect that this problem may be a hitherto undiscovered glitch, that must have something to do with the fact that the original Jpeg image of a few lines of text I was trying to attach, were effectively the full width of the available web page.


By beth on 27/09/19 at 4:22pm

Paul is away so it wont be until middle of next week until he'll be able to have a look at this, and the missing thread issue.

By TallPaul on 02/10/19 at 1:29pm

I believe I have fixed this but you may have to clear your cache (so probably hold down shift while re-loading the page) to pick up the change to the CSS which was required.

By Lancashire Lad on 02/10/19 at 7:44pm (last edited 02/10/19 at 7:45pm)

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.

I've just tried uploading that same few lines of text (in Jpeg form) again below: -

And as you can see, your "fix" is working perfectly.

Thanks once again.


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