Unbelievable !!!

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By Lancashire Lad on 26/06/20 at 4:14pm (last edited 26/06/20 at 4:19pm)

I've just seen this: -


Earlier this afternoon I had made this comment elsewhere, relating to similar recent incidents:-

"I witnessed instances of Littering and use of disposable berbeques in woodland near Ullswater in the Lake District on Wednesday.
By the time I'd finished my walk, I'd collected half a bag of litter, mainly single use plastic drinks bottles.

It saddens me deeply that an increasing number of people who visit these beautiful places treat them with so much contempt.
I've always picked up litter whenever I've been fell-walking, but over recent years it seems to have increased disproportionately.
This year in particular, presumably due to the Covid-19 situation, and with many people who wouldn't otherwise visit such places having plenty of time on their hands, from what I'm seeing in such reports it seems to be completely out of control.
I don't know how this sort of behavior can be stopped. - I doubt very much whether appealing to the better nature of such people will have any effect whatsoever. They have no respect for nature or the environment in general".

Actually, I am saddened and incensed in equal measure.
The mindset of this sort of person is completely beyond my comprehension.


By marclelliott on 06/07/21 at 4:34pm

Well said and I completely agree. Not sure what the maximum penalty is for littering but what I'd like to see is these morons sent out in managed groups clearing up after others. Might make them think?

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