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By SheepFarmer on 26/07/20 at 1:27pm

Being late to the smartphone world and rapidly playing catch up, but previously hearing so much about the SARLOC app I thought to install it on my phone but couldn't find it in the app store. So some browsing suggests it's not actually an app but a tool that when (hopefully never) Search & Rescue are in contact with you, they text you a link that once opened allows them to see your phones GPS location. So turning to the world of knowledgable people out there is this right & is their tool different from the OS locate app ?

By TallPaul on 26/07/20 at 2:03pm

Yes, that's it as I understand it, although they're now using something with a different name but (I assume) the same idea. It's easy enough to write: you create a page that has some JavaScript on it that asks for the phone's location and then sends back to the server which then sends it to the rescue service via whatever means they prefer. So they just text the person the URL of that page and Robert's your mother's brother.

By SheepFarmer on 26/07/20 at 4:46pm

Easy enough for you :ugeek:

By SheepFarmer on 16/11/20 at 5:12pm (last edited 17/11/20 at 7:51am)

SARLOC v2 is available on the apple app store & he's working on an Android version, for normal use it seems like a more advanced app like OS locate but the emergency services can link in to it. Source SALOC on Facebook

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