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By on 11/07/21 at 8:32pm

Any suggestions as to a good weather app for walking in the lakes... to show the level of cloud cover. Cloud in the mountains is no fun. Thanks.

By TallPaul on 11/07/21 at 9:16pm

No apps, but there's two pages you should bookmark in your web browser.

  • The first is our weather page. We show a brief version of today's (or tomorrow's forecast later in the day) on the home page with a link to that. That's based on the mountain forecast published by the Met Office.

  • The second is the relevant page from MWIS, the Mountain Weather Information Service.

We used to rate MWIS above the Met Office but in recent times we've found the former to be more reliable ... but it's worth looking at both.

By SheepFarmer on 14/07/21 at 8:33am

The met office weather app shows visability in 6 steps if you are on the hourly forecast & scroll down to the more details section after you've searched for your mountain or p[lace, I get a difference between Keswick & Skiddaw. Although for seeing all the info at once the layout on the met office website is better & more configurable in terms of units ie visability in km which also gives more scale.

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