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By Jalanto on 16/10/17 at 11:32am

When saving a gpx file we are allowed 10 characters. However in the 'Uploaded GPX files' page of Walklakes, some of my saved files have 20+ characters. How is this possible? Is it possible to have more than 10 characters when saving? If I try to rename the gpx file on my pc, and then use it on Walklakes it will still appear with the old 10 character file name.

I give my gpx files a number, but it would be helpful to also give it a brief description.

By Jalanto on 18/10/17 at 4:38pm

Presumably, when you have constructed a route, given it a name, and downloaded it to your PC, that name cannot be changed.

Also, when you upload this route to your eTrex, the same name will appear on the eTrex screen, no more and no less.

If this is the case, we need to be very careful what we call the route, because it can't be changed.

By TallPaul on 18/10/17 at 11:06pm

Two related issues here:

  1. Ten character names - that's historic and there's no reason why they shouldn't be longer. I think someone has asked for this before. We're in the middle of coding a major enhancement to the mapping application (of which more later) but I'll make sure we change this too.

  2. Once you've saved it to your PC there are two ways of changing the name:

    1. Reload the route1 into our mapping application, change its name, and save it again.
    2. Edit it using a text editor (like Notepad in Windows or vi in Linux) where the name is near the top surrounded in <name>...</name> tags.
  1. A route describes where you are intending to go, point by point. For more information click here.

By Lancashire Lad on 19/10/17 at 4:28pm

(I'm assuming that the 10 character maximum is specific to routes created using the existing WalkLakes mapping).

I use a Garmin GPSmap64 to record tracks walked, then download them onto my computer using Garmin Basecamp software, renaming them as required from within Basecamp. Within Basecamp, its a simple one click operation to create a track from a route, or a route from a track.

With regards to renaming routes/tracks, once they are downloaded to the computer, they can be renamed just like any other type of file, without any realistic restriction of character numbers. (Subject of course, to Windows maximum filename length of approx. 255 characters).

eg.: -

(I could have renamed the original file within its original folder, but for the purposes of this example, I created a new folder, and copied a saved .gpx track into it): -

Then, highlight the filename, right click, and select & click on "copy", from the dropdown menu: -

Then, right click again, and select & click paste on the dropdown menu: -

The above action creates a duplicate of the file in the same folder, with the suffix " - Copy" added into its name: -

To rename the copy, simply highlight the filename, right click, and then select & click "Rename", from the dropdown menu: -

The above action then brings up and highlights the relevant portion of the filename editing textbox: -

Which then allows you to rename the file to whatever you want - as below: -

The renamed files behave exactly the same as the original files, and can be uploaded to a handheld gps unit or any suitable mapping software. I tried uploading the renamed file to a couple of online mapping sites to check, and it worked just fine. eg.: - First, the original file (as uploaded under its original name to WalkLakes), and as shown when logged into the site: -

Next, the renamed file as shown when uploaded to website "OS GB Mapping from The Hug" ;) ;) :D

and finally, the renamed file as shown when uploaded to website "OpenTopoMap - Topographische Karten aus OpenStreetMap": -

Regards, Mike.

By Jalanto on 19/10/17 at 6:16pm

What I'm talking about here refers to the WalkLakes mapping program.

I realise that the gpx file can be renamed just like any other file but the point I'm making is that if you then put that renamed gpx file on to your eTrex, the eTrex screen will still show the original file name and not the renamed one.

But Paul is correct when he says, 'It is possible to rename a file so that the rename will appear on the eTrex screen.' Please see his post for the method.

However, to save time, it is worth considering carefully what you name the file in the first place.

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