All Birketts

This is a table of all of the 541 Birketts currently in our database.

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Name Height
Adam Seat666m
Allen Crags785m
Angletarn Pikes South Top564m
Angletarn Pikes566m
Ard Crags581m
Armboth Fell (Birkett)479m
Arnison Crag433m
Arnsbarrow Hill322m
Arthur's Pike533m
Atkinson Pike845m
Bampton Fell489m
Banna Fell456m
Bannerdale Crags684m
Bannisdale Fell - Long Crag493m
Base Brown646m
Beda Fell509m
Bell Crags559m
Birch Fell318m
Birk Fell Man - Birk Fell529m
Birk Fell512m
Birker Fell - Great Crag333m
Birker Fell - White How444m
Birkett Fell725m
Birkhouse Moor718m
Black Combe600m
Black Combe South Top587m
Black Crag828m
Black Crags (Mickleden)588m
Black Fell323m
Black Sails745m
Blake Fell573m
Blake Rigg (Little Langdale)535m
Blake Rigg (Tilberthwaite)423m
Blakeley Raise389m
Blea Rigg541m
Bleaberry Fell590m
Blencathra - Hallsfell Top868m
Boat How337m
Bonscale Pike524m
Border End522m
Bowness Knott333m
Bowscale Fell702m
Bracken How373m
Brackeny Crag364m
Brae Fell586m
Branstree NE Top673m
Brim Fell796m
Broad Crag935m
Broad Crag - Birker Fell372m
Broad End832m
Brock Barrow343m
Brock Crags (Wainwright)561m
Broom Fell510m
Brown Crag610m
Brown Hills551m
Brown How (Ennerdale)330m
Brown Howe (Mardale)529m
Brown Pike682m
Brown Rigg462m
Brownthwaite Crag444m
Brunt Knott427m
Buck Barrow549m
Buck Pike (Mickleden)606m
Buck Pike - Seathwaite Fell744m
Burn Edge320m
Burn Moor543m
Burn Tod595m
Burnbank Fell475m
Burthwaite Heights318m
Calf Crag537m
Calfhow Pike660m
Capple Howe445m
Carl Side747m
Carling Knott544m
Carrock Fell662m
Carron Crag314m
Castle Crag (Mardale)395m
Castle Crag (Shoulthwalte)404m
Castle How498m
Castle Rock339m
Cat Bells451m
Catstye Cam890m
Caudale Moor - John Bell's Banner755m
Causey Pike637m
Caw Fell697m
Clough Head726m
Cocklaw Fell365m
Codale Head732m
Cofa Pike823m
Cold Pike700m
Coldbarrow Fell - High Saddle675m
Combe Head735m
Common Fell552m
Coomb Height627m
Crag Fell523m
Crag Hill839m
Crinkle Crags - Fourth Crinkle832m
Crinkle Crags - Gunson Knott822m
Crinkle Crags - Long Top859m
Crinkle Crags - Third Crinkle840m
Crinkle Crags South Top834m
Crook Crag469m
Dale Head753m
Darling Fell392m
Dawsonground Crags397m
Demming Crag525m
Dodd (Buttermere)641m
Dodd (Lorton)454m
Dodd (Skiddaw)502m
Doddick Fell742m
Dollywaggon Pike859m
Dove Crag792m
Dovenest Top633m
Dow Crag778m
Eagle Crag525m
Eel Crag (Birkett)807m
Esk Pike885m
Eskdale Fell - Whinscales425m
Eycott Hill345m
Fellbarrow - Mosser Fell416m
Fisher Crag421m
Fleetwith Pike649m
Floutern Cop451m
Four Stones Hill415m
Fox Haw385m
Frozen Fell625m
Gale Crag512m
Gale Fell518m
Gasgale Crags703m
Gategill Fell Top852m
Gavel Fell524m
Gavel Fell - High Nook488m
Gavel Pike784m
Gibson Knott420m
Glade How440m
Glede Howe476m
Glenridding Dodd442m
Goat Crag312m
Goat Scar626m
Gowbarrow Fell (Wainwright summit)481m
Gowk Hill471m
Grange Fell417m
Gray Crag698m
Great Bank329m
Great Borne616m
Great Calva691m
Great Carrs785m
Great Cockup526m
Great Crag (Stonethwaite)449m
Great Dodd857m
Great End910m
Great Gable899m
Great How (Swirl Band)770m
Great How (Thirlmere)333m
Great How - Eskdale Fell522m
Great Howe (Longsleddale)494m
Great Intake - Low Fell408m
Great Knott695m
Great Lingy Hill616m
Great Meldrum437m
Great Mell Fell537m
Great Paddy Crag532m
Great Rigg766m
Great Saddle Crag560m
Great Sca Fell651m
Great Stickle305m
Great Whinscale427m
Great Worm Crag427m
Great Yarlside591m
Green Crag489m
Green Gable801m
Green Hill - Gowbarrow Park439m
Green How - Aughertree Fell321m
Green Side794m
Grey Crag638m
Grey Friar773m
Grey Knotts697m
Grisedale Pike791m
Gummer's How321m
Hallin Fell388m
Hard Knott549m
Hare Crag538m
Hare Shaw503m
Hare Stones627m
Harper Hills420m
Harrison Stickle736m
Harrop Pike637m
Hart Crag823m
Hart Side756m
Harter Fell (Eskdale)653m
Harter Fell (Mardale)779m
Hartsop Above How586m
Hartsop Dodd619m
Hatteringill Head - Whin Fell385m
Hawk Rigg441m
Haystacks (Buttermere)597m
Haystacks (Tilberthwaite)423m
Hell Gill Pike662m
Helm Crag405m
Helvellyn Lower Man925m
Hen Comb506m
Heron Pike (Glenridding)612m
Heron Pike (Rydal)612m
Heron Pike North Top621m
Hesk Fell478m
Heughscar Hill375m
High Brow575m
High Crag (Buttermere)745m
High Crag (Grisedale)884m
High Crags (Newlands)529m
High Dodd501m
High Fell428m
High Gait Crags572m
High Hartsop Dodd519m
High House Bank495m
High House Tarn Top684m
High Hows (Lamplugh)313m
High Pen475m
High Pike (Caldbeck)658m
High Pike (Scandale)656m
High Pike Haw354m
High Raise (High Street)804m
High Raise762m
High Rigg343m
High Rigg355m
High Scarth487m
High Seat609m
High Snockrigg526m
High Spy653m
High Stile806m
High Stile807m
High Street828m
High Tove515m
High Wether Howe531m
High Wythow410m
Hobcarton Crag738m
Hobcarton End634m
Hollow Moor426m
Holme Fell316m
Honister Crag634m
Hopegill Head770m
Horsehow Crags433m
Ill Bell757m
Ill Crag931m
Ill Crag (Newlands)546m
Illgill Head609m
Iron Crag640m
Irton Fell395m
Jenkin Hill735m
Kelton Fell311m
Kentmere Pike731m
Kepple Crag328m
Kidsty Pike781m
King's How - Grange Fell392m
Kinmont Buck Barrow535m
Kirk Fell802m
Kirk Fell (Lorton)437m
Kirk Fell East Top787m
Kitty Crag435m
Knipescar Common341m
Knott Rigg556m
Knowe Crags805m
Lad Hows426m
Ladyside Pike704m
Lamb Pasture367m
Lang How414m
Lank Rigg541m
Latter Barrow354m
Ling Fell374m
Lingmell (Ennerdale)427m
Lingmoor Fell470m
Lining Crag542m
Little Calva642m
Little Carrs692m
Little Cockup399m
Little Dodd (Ennerdale)590m
Little Dodd (Loweswater)362m
Little Dodd (St John's Common)785m
Little Eycott Hill332m
Little Gowder Crag733m
Little Hart Crag637m
Little Harter Fell681m
Little Meldrum404m
Little Mell Fell505m
Little Sca Fell633m
Little Stand740m
Little Yarlside518m
Loadpot Hill672m
Loft Crag682m
Long Crag - Yewdale Fells421m
Long Side734m
Longlands Fell483m
Lonscale Fell715m
Lonscale Pike703m
Looking Stead (Pillar)628m
Looking Steads (Glaramara)775m
Lord's Seat552m
Lord's Seat (Crookdale)524m
Loughrigg Fell335m
Low Birk Fell373m
Low Fell423m
Low How497m
Low Kop572m
Low Pen435m
Low Pike508m
Low Raise754m
Low Saddle656m
Low White Stones731m
Low Wythow372m
Loweswater End - Carling Knott519m
Loweswater Fell417m
Lowthwaite Fell509m
Maiden Moor575m
Mardale Ill Bell760m
Meal Fell549m
Mellbreak North Top509m
Middle Crag484m
Middle Dodd654m
Middle Fell582m
Miller Moss610m
Miton Hill607m
Murton Fell446m
Nab Scar450m
Naddle High Forest435m
Naddle Low Forest426m
Nethermost Pike891m
Orthwaite Bank348m
Owsen Fell409m
Pavey Ark700m
Pike de Bield810m
Pike of Blisco705m
Pike of Stickle708m
Pillar Rock780m
Pinnacle Howe383m
Place Fell657m
Plough Fell448m
Ponsonby Fell315m
Powleys Hill465m
Rampsgill Head792m
Rannerdale Knotts355m
Raven Crag461m
Raven's Crag361m
Red Beck Top721m
Red Crag711m
Red Knott452m
Red Pike (Buttermere)755m
Red Pike (Wasdale)826m
Red Screes776m
Rest Dodd696m
Robin Hood492m
Rossett Pike651m
Rosthwaite Fell - Bessyboot551m
Rosthwaite Fell612m
Rough Crag (Birker Moor)319m
Rough Crag (Riggindale)628m
Round How387m
Round Knott603m
Rowling End433m
Sale Fell359m
Sale How666m
Sand Hill756m
Scafell Pike978m
Scale Knott338m
Scalebarrow Knott338m
Scales Fell682m
Scar Crags672m
Scar Lathing439m
Scoat Fell841m
Scope End412m
Seat How (Birker Moor)311m
Seat How (Thornthwaite)495m
Seat Robert515m
Seat Sandal737m
Seathwaite Fell (Wainwright summit)601m
Seathwaite Fell631m
Selside Pike655m
Sergeant Man736m
Sergeant's Crag571m
Sharp Knott482m
Sheffield Pike676m
Shelter Crags815m
Shipman Knotts587m
Shivery Knott491m
Side Pike362m
Silver How394m
Silverybield Crag395m
Skelgill Bank338m
Skiddaw - Lesser Man815m
Skiddaw Little Man865m
Skiddaw Middle Top929m
Skiddaw North Top924m
Skiddaw South Top926m
Sleddale Pike506m
Sleet Fell378m
Slight Side762m
Smithy Fell392m
Sour Howes483m
Sourfoot Fell411m
Souther Fell522m
St Raven's Edge593m
St Sunday Crag841m
Stainton Pike498m
Standing Crag611m
Stang Hill316m
Starling Dodd633m
Steel Fell553m
Steel Knotts432m
Stickle Pike375m
Stile End447m
Stone Arthur504m
Stone Pike322m
Stoneside Hill422m
Stonesty Pike765m
Stony Cove Pike764m
Stoupdale Head472m
Stybarrow Dodd844m
Swainson Knott345m
Swarth Fell (Kinniside)335m
Swarth Fell (Ullswater)545m
Swinescar Pike411m
Swineside Knott553m
Swinklebank Crag554m
Swirl How802m
Tarbarrel Moss493m
Tarn Crag (Easedale)549m
Tarn Crag (Sleddale)664m
Tarn Crags Top665m
Tarn Hill313m
The Benn446m
The Forest528m
The Knight552m
The Knott (High Street)739m
The Knott (Stainton Fell)331m
The Nab576m
The Old Man of Coniston802m
The Pike370m
The Tongue553m
Thirdgill Head Man734m
Thorn Crag644m
Thornthwaite Crag784m
Thornythwaite Fell574m
Threlkeld Knotts514m
Throstlehow Crag404m
Thunacar Knott723m
Todd Fell401m
Top o' Selside (Wainwright summit)334m
Troutbeck Tongue364m
Ullister Hill525m
Ullock Pike690m
Ulthwaite Rigg502m
Walla Crag379m
Wallow Crag433m
Walna Scar621m
Wansfell Pike484m
Wasdale Pike565m
Watendlath Fell515m
Water Crag305m
Watermillock Fell424m
Watson's Dodd789m
Wether Hill673m
Whatshaw Common490m
Whin Crag (Eskdale)358m
Whin Rigg (Wasdale)537m
Whinlatter Top525m
White Combe417m
White Hall Knott311m
White Hause464m
White Howe (Bannisdale)530m
White Maiden613m
White Pike (Birkby Fell)442m
White Pike (Seathwaite)600m
White Side863m
White Stones - The Band568m
Whiteless Pike660m
Whiteside East Top719m
Whiteside Pike397m
Woodend Height489m
Wren Crag311m
Wrynose Fell - Long Crag545m
Wythburn Fell508m
Yew Bank499m
Yewbarrow North Top617m

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Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.