Changes to Hill Database with v15.4.2

The following is a full list of all the changes arising from the import of v15.3 of Database of British and Irish hills. 18947 were updated, 213 added.

Beinn na GainimhUpdatedmoved by 2m
Meall BuidheUpdatedmoved by 2m
Meall nan CaorachUpdatedheight changed from 623.6m to 623.7m
Knock of CrieffUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgiath a' ChaiseUpdatedmoved by 1m
Stob BinneinUpdatedmoved by 1m
Stob BreacUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn DorainUpdatedmoved by 1m
Carn MairgUpdatedmoved by 2m
Carn GormUpdatedmoved by 9m
Meall LiathUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn an DothaidhUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall GarbhUpdatedmoved by 1m
Stuc an LochainUpdatedmoved by 2m
Meall BuidheUpdatedmoved by 1m
An SgorrUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall ChomraidhUpdatedmoved by 1m
Ben LawersUpdatedmoved by 1m
An StucUpdatedheight changed from 1117m to 1117.1m
Meall GarbhUpdatedheight changed from 1123m to 1123.1m
Creag an FhithichUpdatedmoved by 20m
Creag MhorUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall GreighUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn CheathaichUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall a' Choire LeithUpdatedheight changed from 925.5m to 925.6m
Sgurr na h-UlaidhUpdatedname changed from "Sgor na h-Ulaidh" to "Sgor na h-Ulaidh [Sgurr na h-Ulaidh]"
Buachaille Etive Beag - Stob DubhUpdatedmoved by 1m
Buachaille Etive Beag - Stob Coire RaineachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall MorUpdatedmoved by 54m
Sgorr a' ChoiseUpdatedmoved by 18m
Tom MeadhoinUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn na GucaigUpdatedmoved by 1m
Bidean Bad na h-IolaireUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall ChuaichUpdatedmoved by 1m
An DunUpdatedmoved by 1m
now also a Marilyn
height changed from 827m to 827.4m
Meall na LeitreachUpdatedmoved by 17m
height changed from 777.3m to 777.1m
Creag a' MhadaidhUpdatedmoved by 1m
Carn an FhidhleirUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meallach MhorUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn a' Ghlo - Carn nan GabharUpdatedmoved by 1m
Glas TulaicheanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Carn an RighUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn Iutharn BheagUpdatedmoved by 2m
An SocachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig a BarnsUpdatedmoved by 7m
Lochnagar - Cac Carn BeagUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cuidhe CromUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cairn BannochUpdatedmoved by 1m
Broad CairnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cairn of GowalUpdatedmoved by 109m
Creag an Dubh-lochUpdatedmoved by 112m
Meikle PapUpdatedmoved by 3m
Meall Coire na SaobhaidheUpdatedmoved by 3m
TolmountUpdatedmoved by 1m
Little PapUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig of GowalUpdatedmoved by 8m
Crow CraigiesUpdatedmoved by 1m
ConachcraigUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hill of WirrenUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cat LawUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hill of GoauchUpdatedheight changed from 337.1m to 337.2m
Cairn LochanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Stob Coire an t-SneachdaUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn BhrotainUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cnap Coire na SpreidheUpdatedmoved by 2m
Monadh MorUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn a' ChaorainnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Stob Coire EtchachanUpdatedmoved by 2m
Beinn a' Chaorainn BheagUpdatedmoved by 4m
Bynack BegUpdatedmoved by 1m
East Meur Gorm CraigUpdatedmoved by 1m
Tom DubhUpdatedmoved by 1m
Carn LiathUpdatedheight changed from 861.5m to 861.4m
Cnap Chaochan AitinnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Carn nan Tri-tighearnanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn a' ChaorainnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn a' Chaorainn South TopUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr an Doire LeathainUpdatedmoved by 1m
Druim ShionnachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn SgritheallUpdatedmoved by 1m
Spidean Dhomhuill BhricUpdatedmoved by 1m
Druim Shionnach West TopUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn Sgritheall NW TopUpdatedmoved by 3m
Sgurr Leac nan EachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr FhuaranUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr na Ciste DuibheUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr na CarnachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr nan SpainteachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr nan SaigheadUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr nan ConbhaireanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sail ChaorainnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Drochaid an Tuill EasaichUpdatedmoved by 1m
Creag a' ChaorainnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn a' Bhathaich ArdUpdatedname changed from "Beinn a'Bha'ach Ard [Beinn a'Bhathaich Ard]" to "Beinn a'Bhathaich Ard [Beinn a'Bha'ach Ard]"
An SitheanUpdatedname changed from "An Sidhean" to "An Sithean [An Sidhean]"
Meall na FaochaigUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn MheadhoinUpdatedmoved by 2m
Beinn ConchraUpdatedmoved by 1m
Creag MhorUpdatedmoved by 35m
An CruachanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Carn a' Choin DeirgUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall an FhuarainUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall MorUpdatedmoved by 2m
Cnoc an t-SabhailUpdatedheight changed from 321m to 322m
Feinne-bheinn MhorUpdatedmoved by 75m
Meadie RidgeUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cnoc an Daimh MorUpdatedmoved by 2m
Beinn ReidhUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sgurr na BanachdichUpdatedmoved by 1m
Ben AslakUpdatedmoved by 10m
Beinn TalaidhUpdatedheight changed from 761.7m to 761.6m
Cruachan DeargUpdatedheight changed from 704.1m to 704m
Beinn a' GhraigUpdatedmoved by 2m
Beinn na CroiseUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn na DriseUpdatedmoved by 1m
Druim FadaUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn ChreagachUpdatedheight changed from 378.6m to 378.5m
Cruachan MinUpdatedmoved by 1m
Maol BanUpdatedheight changed from 338.5m to 338.3m
Cook's CairnUpdatedmoved by 1m
LiuthaidUpdatedmoved by 1m
Eilean ShiophoirtUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn BhreacUpdatedmoved by 1m
Mullach BuidheUpdatedmoved by 1m
StulabhalUpdatedmoved by 1m
Huiseabhal MorUpdatedmoved by 1m
RoineabhalUpdatedmoved by 1m
Heileasbhal MorUpdatedmoved by 1m
TriuirebheinnUpdatedmoved by 1m
EabhalUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn Ruigh ChoinnichUpdatedmoved by 1m
MaireabhalUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn SgritheannUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn TangabhalUpdatedmoved by 1m
Heiseabhal MorUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn OdharUpdatedmoved by 81m
InnerdownieUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cairnie HillUpdatedheight changed from 228.8m to 228.9m
TintoUpdatedmoved by 1m
MullwharcharUpdatedmoved by 2m
CraigleeUpdatedmoved by 1m
Ailsa CraigUpdatedmoved by 1m
KnockdolianUpdatedmoved by 1m
Blacklorg HillUpdatedheight changed from 680.9m to 681m
Wedder LawUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meikledodd HillUpdatedmoved by 2m
Glenleith FellUpdatedmoved by 84m
Bogrie HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Fell HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
BengairnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Woodhead HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Blackhope ScarUpdatedmoved by 1m
White CoombUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hart FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Dun RigUpdatedmoved by 1m
Chapelgill HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Ettrick PenUpdatedmoved by 1m
Gathersnow HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cardon HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Croft HeadUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cauldcleuch HeadUpdatedmoved by 1m
SnaefellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Gyrn DduUpdatedmoved by 1m
Glyder FawrUpdatedheight changed from 1000.8m to 1000.9m
Glyder FachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Foel GrachUpdatedmoved by 1m
Y GarnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Foel-frasUpdatedmoved by 3m
Garnedd UchafUpdatedmoved by 2m
Elidir FawrUpdatedmoved by 27m
Crib GochUpdatedmoved by 1m
Tal y FanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Foel LwydUpdatedheight changed from 600.1m to 600.2m
Marial GwynUpdatedmoved by 1m
height changed from 519m to 519.6m
Arenig FawrUpdatedmoved by 1m
Arenig Fawr South TopUpdatedmoved by 1m
Crib-y-rhiwUpdatedmoved by 1m
Manod Mawr North TopUpdatedmoved by 1m
Foel GochUpdatedmoved by 1m
Aran FawddwyUpdatedmoved by 1m
Aran BenllynUpdatedmoved by 40m
Pen yr Allt UchafUpdatedmoved by 8m
height changed from 620m to 630.1m
Cefn PerfeddUpdatedheight changed from 600.8m to 600.9m
Y GribinUpdatedheight changed from 600.4m to 600.5m
MaesglaseUpdatedmoved by 1m
height changed from 676m to 678.5m
Craig-lasUpdatedmoved by 6m
Cribin FawrUpdatedmoved by 1m
height changed from 659m to 658.8m
Craig-y-llynUpdatedmoved by 18m
Craig PortasUpdatedmoved by 5m
name changed from "Craig Portas" to "Craig Portas [Mynydd Dolgoed]"
height changed from 605m to 604.1m
Foel Cae'rberllanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Foel CocynUpdatedmoved by 1m
Disgwylfa FawrUpdatedmoved by 1m
Bryn y FanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Upper ParkUpdatedmoved by 2m
Great RhosUpdatedmoved by 1m
Black MixenUpdatedmoved by 1m
GamalltUpdatedheight changed from 474.5m to 474.6m
Cefn CenarthUpdatedmoved by 3m
Long MountainUpdatedmoved by 2m
Pen y Garn-gochUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig Gwaun TafUpdatednow also a Nuttall
name changed from "Duwynt" to "Craig Gwaun Taf [Duwynt]"
height changed from 824m to 826.4m
Fan FrynychUpdatedmoved by 1m
Yr AlltUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig y LlynUpdatedmoved by 1m
Mynydd y LanUpdatedmoved by 2m
Mynydd MachenUpdatedmoved by 1m
WentwoodUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig yr AlltUpdatedmoved by 1m
Tosson HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Long CragUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sale HowUpdatedmoved by 1m
Little CalvaUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hare StonesUpdatedmoved by 9m
Great Lingy HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Miller MossUpdatedmoved by 8m
Clints Crags (Wainwright summit)Updatedmoved by 1m
DunmalletUpdatedmoved by 1m
BowfellUpdatedmoved by 2m
BrandrethUpdatedmoved by 1m
Murton FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Fellbarrow - Mosser FellUpdatedmoved by 22m
Sale FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
DentUpdatedmoved by 1m
Black FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Ponsonby FellUpdatedmoved by 4m
Cold FellUpdatedmoved by 2m
Harter Fell (Mardale)Updatedheight changed from 778.9m to 779m
Harrop PikeUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hartsop DoddUpdatedmoved by 1m
Angletarn PikesUpdatedmoved by 1m
White Howe (Bannisdale)Updatedmoved by 1m
CapplebarrowUpdatedmoved by 1m
Nabs MoorUpdatedmoved by 2m
Heughscar HillUpdatedmoved by 2m
Reston ScarUpdatedmoved by 1m
Grey FriarUpdatedmoved by 1m
Lambrigg Fell (old GR)Updatedmoved by 1m
Kirkby MoorUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hutton Roof CragsUpdatedmoved by 1m
Muncaster Fell - Hooker CragUpdatedno longer a Marilyn
height changed from 231m to 231.4m
Humphrey HeadUpdatedmoved by 1m
Melmerby FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Lovely SeatUpdatedheight changed from 674.7m to 674.8m
Black FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Viewing HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Long FellUpdatedmoved by 12m
now also a Nuttall
height changed from 622m to 623.5m
Beacon HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hail Storm HillUpdatedmoved by 3m
height changed from 476.6m to 476.7m
Lees MoorUpdatedmoved by 3m
Gisborough MoorUpdatedmoved by 1m
Buck StoneUpdatedmoved by 104m
Coppet HillUpdatedmoved by 86m
Robins Wood HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hensbarrow BeaconUpdatedno longer a Marilyn
height changed from 312m to 313m
Selworthy BeaconUpdatedmoved by 1m
Dundry DownUpdatedmoved by 1m
Bleadon HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Tinside RiggUpdatedmoved by 7m
now also a Nuttall
Meall na CaoraUpdatedmoved by 116m
Carn TiekeiverUpdatedmoved by 12m
Stob Coire nan CearcUpdatedname changed from "Sron Coire nan Cearc" to "Stob Coire nan Cearc"
Meall an TarmachainUpdatedmoved by 1m
Faradh Nighean FhearchairUpdatedmoved by 39m
nameless (Bannisdale Horseshoe - Ancrow Brow N)Updatedmoved by 1m
nameless (Green Quarter)Updatedmoved by 1m
Yr OrseddUpdatedmoved by 1m
GyrnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig DdrwgUpdatedmoved by 1m
ClipUpdatedmoved by 3m
Y Ro WenUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig y GrutUpdatedmoved by 1m
Mynydd EgrynUpdatedmoved by 1m
Bryn DuUpdatedmoved by 1m
Moel Hen-facheUpdatedmoved by 3m
Braich DduUpdatedmoved by 1m
Esgair BerfaUpdatedmoved by 1m
Craig Portas East TopUpdatedname changed from "Craig Portas East Top" to "Craig Portas East Top [Mynydd Gartheiniog]"
Craig DyfnantUpdatedmoved by 3m
Craig FawrUpdatedmoved by 1m
BrynUpdatedmoved by 2m
Bryniau GleisionUpdatedmoved by 1m
Allt ForganUpdatedmoved by 1m
WerfaUpdatedmoved by 2m
Twyn CrugyrafanUpdatedmoved by 1m
Mynydd CaerauUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hirwaun CommonUpdatedmoved by 4m
Mynydd YnyscorrwgUpdatedmoved by 4m
Carter FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Deadwater FellUpdatedmoved by 2m
Black Crags (Mickleden)Updatedmoved by 1m
Bell CragsUpdatedmoved by 1m
Murton PikeUpdatedmoved by 1m
Uldale HeadUpdatedmoved by 1m
High GreygritsUpdatedmoved by 1m
Park FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Castle KnottUpdatedmoved by 1m
ShutlingsloeUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sourfoot FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Smithy FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hatteringill Head - Whin FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Little Harter FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
WansfellUpdatedmoved by 1m
High RiggUpdatedname changed from "High Rigg (Birkett)" to "High Rigg [High Rigg South Top]"
Crook CragUpdatedmoved by 8m
High FellUpdatedname changed from "High Fell" to "High Fell [Hawk Rigg]"
Meall na Caora East TopUpdatedmoved by 76m
Stob Mhic MhartuinUpdatedmoved by 1m
Sron na h-IolaireUpdatedmoved by 60m
Creagan Caise HillUpdatedmoved by 98m
The BruachUpdatedmoved by 105m
A' BhuidheanaichUpdatedmoved by 60m
Cnoc an TiumpainUpdatedmoved by 1m
height changed from 716m to 717.7m
Meall a' ChocaireUpdatedmoved by 73m
Sithean DubhUpdatedname changed from "Sidhean Dubh" to "Sithean Dubh"
Carn AlladaleUpdatedmoved by 2m
Craig LevenUpdatedmoved by 3m
Goyle HillUpdatedheight changed from 464m to 465m
Cnoc na h-IolaireUpdatedmoved by 1m
Meall AundraryUpdatedmoved by 1m
Beinn a' MheadhoinUpdatedheight changed from 602.6m to 602.5m
Cruach ArduraUpdatedheight changed from 217.7m to 217.6m
Dun CrutagainUpdatedmoved by 89m
Garbet HillUpdatedmoved by 2m
Tyrebagger HillUpdatedmoved by 96m
Corb LawUpdatedmoved by 1m
North HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Mochrum FellUpdatedmoved by 59m
DoddinUpdatedmoved by 79m
KnockenhairUpdatedmoved by 34m
Tod FellUpdatedmoved by 4m
Moyle HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
White HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Whiteside LawUpdatedmoved by 2m
Corstorphine HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Castle HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Mynydd EilianUpdatedmoved by 1m
Moel Pen-y-brynUpdatedmoved by 1m
Pen-y-coedUpdatedmoved by 100m
Banc y GarnUpdatedmoved by 1m
Pen yr Allt-fawrUpdatedmoved by 2m
Ffridd Pen-y-GraigUpdatedmoved by 1m
Bryn-y-BrainUpdatedmoved by 1m
Fron GochUpdatedmoved by 1m
Ysgwd-fforddUpdatedmoved by 1m
Breidden HillUpdatedmoved by 2m
Foel DyrchUpdatedmoved by 3m
Pen-y-crugUpdatedmoved by 2m
Warton CragUpdatedmoved by 1m
OvermoorUpdatedheight changed from 288m to 289m
Little DowardUpdatedmoved by 68m
Sheepwalks HillUpdatedmoved by 2m
White DownUpdatedmoved by 7m
The VerneUpdatedheight changed from 147m to 149m
Holmbury HillUpdatedmoved by 61m
Twyn CeilogUpdatedmoved by 89m
HampsfellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cairn FellUpdatedmoved by 50m
Pared y Cefn-hirUpdatedheight changed from 383m to 383.1m
A' ChroisUpdatedmoved by 1m
Elrick BegUpdatedmoved by 89m
Meall GobhlachUpdatedmoved by 42m
Druim ArdochUpdatedmoved by 14m
name changed from "Creag Bheithe [Druim Ardoch]" to "Druim Ardoch [Creag Bheithe]"
height changed from 576m to 575.7m
Creag na h-IolaireUpdatedname changed from "Creag na h-Iolaire [Meall Reamhar North Top] [Creag Mac Ranaich point 616m]" to "Creag na h-Iolaire [Meall Reamhar North Top]"
LeacainnUpdatedmoved by 75m
Carn DeargUpdatedmoved by 1m
height changed from 789m to 792.1m
Creag na SroineUpdatedmoved by 76m
Carn BhithirUpdatedmoved by 10m
ClachnabenUpdatedheight changed from 590m to 589m
Little GarvounUpdatedmoved by 75m
height changed from 721m to 721.4m
The MaimUpdatedmoved by 29m
height changed from 601m to 600.7m
Tom a' GharraidhUpdatedmoved by 57m
Carn KittyUpdatedheight changed from 521m to 522m
Sgurr RuarachUpdatedmoved by 77m
Carn SgriobhaichUpdatedmoved by 4m
Cruach FhiarachUpdatedmoved by 45m
Allt Sowan HillUpdatedmoved by 98m
Lary HillUpdatedmoved by 67m
Clachertyfarlie KnowesUpdatedmoved by 1m
Laght HillUpdatedmoved by 13m
Peniestone KnoweUpdatedmoved by 7m
Carlin ToothUpdatedmoved by 1m
Cockley MoorUpdatedmoved by 2m
Hagg HillUpdatedmoved by 4m
LatriggUpdatedmoved by 1m
KeldasUpdatedmoved by 1m
Dacre BankUpdatedmoved by 1m
The ParkUpdatedmoved by 1m
Birk HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Drygill HeadUpdatedmoved by 91m
Little Lingy HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Lofshaw HillUpdatedmoved by 30m
PikeUpdatedmoved by 2m
West FellUpdatedmoved by 1m
Belles KnottUpdatedmoved by 3m
Brown HoweUpdatedmoved by 2m
Great Round HowUpdatedmoved by 1m
Kettle CragUpdatedmoved by 3m
Little Round HowUpdatedmoved by 1m
Ancrow BrowUpdatedmoved by 1m
Birk CragUpdatedmoved by 1m
Dod HillUpdatedmoved by 1m
Hart CragUpdatedmoved by 2m
Lingmell EndUpdatedmoved by 1m
Pike HowUpdatedmoved by 1m
Raven CragUpdatedmoved by 9m
Satura CragUpdatedmoved by 88m
Wallowbarrow HealdUpdatedmoved by 1m
Torr a' BhradainUpdatedmoved by 90m
Wallowbarrow CragUpdatedmoved by 1m
Burrow MumpUpdatedmoved by 4m
Currock HillUpdatedmoved by 3m

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