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Postby SheepFarmer » Wed Apr 03, 2019 1:41 pm

I emailed Paul this -
"I don't know how you do the subscription payment notices but it was back in March 2018 that I last paid"

& he promptly replied -
"Indeed, it was on 32nd March and I see that you paid us £1bn :lol: so as we work on a £1 per month basis for people who use the donation route you're good until XXXXX . On that day our server will automagically email you reminding you that it's time to renew if you want to continue as a supporter. Not that this should stop you donating earlier if you wish but that's the backstop date :-) "

Ok, I edited the number & dates I dontated in his response . But if you're wondering what happens when you pay over the minimum this explains it.
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