High Tove and Armboth Fell from Thirlmere

Even after a dry spell of a few days High Tove and Armboth Fell on the central ridge lives up to its reputation of the boggiest selection of fells in Lakeland. It would seem only a long dry summer will drain the marshes enough for an enjoyable walk. The views are as good as anywhere else, but it's the bogs that these fells will be remembered by. Alternatively a very cold spell in winter to freeze it all completely solid - but we would still urge caution as falling through ice is not to be recommended either!

So it is often the case that any walkers venturing to the top of High Tove reach it with some relief, though there is little to mark the accomplishment. Just a few stones in a patch of heather are a poor reward. Armboth Fell in comparison is quite racy! It can boast two tops, the Birkett and the Wainwright, separated by 200m (220 yards) both are rocky outcrops topped by a few stones. At least there is something to climb onto and look out from. These fells are the preserve of the true completest, a bagger.

Park at the United Utilities Armboth pay and display car park. Currently (last checked June 2022) you will need to approach the car park from the Keswick end of the minor road around the back of Thirlmere as it's still closed in the middle.