Harrop Forest Circular

This little circular walk uses an alternative to the stone pitched path directly from the car park at Dobgill to ascend to Harrop Tarn. It passes beside the Binka Stone and up through juniper bushes to the attractive classic glacial tarn in its high corrie with the impressive Tarn Crags as a backdrop.

Water comes from the boggy Ullscarf catchment area above bringing with it much sediment which is gradually silting up the tarn as shown by the great swaths of sedge grass around its edge. At best it is only 4m (4 yards) deep. Its outfall drops north west down Dob Gill to reach Thirlmere reservoir.

The Binka Stone is so named from an old northern dialect word for 'a raised flat bank of earth for sitting on', alternatively a 'doorstep', due to its obvious stepped appearance.

Park at the United Utilities Dobgill pay and display car park.