Middle Fell, Seatallan, Buckbarrow - a Greendale round

Greendale Gill breaches the high ground of Middle Fell and Buckbarrow. The outfall of Greendale Tarn is joined by Tongues Gills and numerous becks draining Buckbarrow Moss which then tumbles down between the fells carving a narrow ravine with pleasant cascades creating small waterfalls and plunge pools. The National Trust have been planting trees on the steep lower banks of the gill just above the cottages beside the gill and Greendale Bridge. Whilst Middle Fell and Buckbarrow are rough and knotted, typical of ice scoured terrain. Seatallan behind them is more rounded with much grass and moss. Above Greendale Tarn peaty marsh lies on the saddle with Middle Fell. Across the Wasdale valley the Scafell range stands out, the view stunning and memorable. Middle Fell is possibly the best vantage point of all.

The fells here are quiet, their summits less popular than the likes of Great Gable, Scafell Pike, or the roadside guardian - Yewbarrow.

To the north east of Buckbarrow is the Jos Naylor Cairn. It's said he built the cairn on the site of an ancient cairn which marked a burial site or tumulus. We use it as a good marker for the steep descent to the path alongside Greendale Gill which could otherwise be difficult to locate.

Park off the road beside the cottages at Greendale, on the Wasdale side, where there is a patch of rough informal parking and a public footpath sign.