A Mosedale Horseshoe

There are a number of Mosedales in the Lakes, this is the Wasdale one that heads NNW behind the Wasdale Head Inn.

A full round of all the fells with any slopes falling to the valley is a serious undertaking and not many consider it necessary to include, say, Kirk Fell. Another often omitted fell is Yewbarrow. Leaving out these two makes the round a manageable full day enterprise for the majority of walkers. Judging by the way the path skirts Scoat Fell we don't think many people include it on this round, but do it separately. Perhaps if you haven't done it you could avail yourself of the opportunity since it isn't far off the route. Although, you should then also go to Steeple. See... there's lots of options and they all add further distance and climbing to an already long day. Anyway we decided our walk was going to go round clockwise, to skirt Yewbarrow by going along Over Beck to Dore Head. Then go to Red Pike and Pillar which are always included, and descend Black Sail Pass to skirt Kirk Fell along the side of Mosedale to slip into the back of Wasdale Head. An advantage of going this way is that at the end the walk you pass right beside the entrance to Ritsons Bar and by then some important rehydration therapy might be required! That's a good walk of 18.0km (11.2 miles) with well over a kilometre of ascent.

Mosedale is a typical glacial hanging valley with Ritson's Force at the interface with the lower level of Wasdale. The waterfall was named after the charismatic founder of the nearby Wasdale Head Inn.

Car parking in Wasdale is undergoing some change. The National Trust Lake Head car park has been extended and resurfaced recently, and is becoming the preferred place for walkers especially those on the National 3 Peaks Challenge to use. Parking on Wasdale Green is still being allowed for the time being, but this could change as the villagers would like to reclaim their green-space. With that in mind, we recommend parking at Lake Head, near to the campsite. There is plenty of space and there are toilets.