High Street (Racecourse Hill), and a few friends, from Mardale Head

From the beautiful shores of Haweswater to the high mountain terrain of Racecourse Hill - the summit of High Street, this walk is best left for a clear day. The views are simply stunning. It could be done in mist but is not recommended as it would be all too easy to miss the otherwise obvious landmarks and features so useful for navigation.

This moderate walk could be extended to include nearby Harter Fell. Taken as it is, it could be a day's unhurried wander, or a brisk afternoon's round. Although the small car park at Mardale Head fills up quickly even on a weekday.

Mardale Head is at the end of the Haweswater Reservoir which was built in the 1930s by the Manchester Corporation to join with Thirlmere Reservoir in supplying water to the growing city. The village of Mardale Green is submerged beneath its waters, blown up save for the church which was dismantled and the stone used in the construction of the draw off pier and tower. Occasionally some remnants can be seen during low water levels.