Haystacks and Fleetwith Pike

Despite its lowly stature compared to its neighbours Haystacks was a favourite of Wainwright's. So much so that as he requested his ashes were scattered at Innominate Tarn near the summit. So watch out for that bit of grit that finds its way into your boot!

This walk starts near the head of Buttermere, at Gatesgarth Farm. There is a small car park here and there's often an ice cream van selling refreshments when you come off the hill. It climbs Scarth Gap, described by Wainwright as "one of the pleasantest of foot-passes", to the col between High Crag on the right and Haystacks to the left. Then taking the zigzag path up the face of Haystacks it climbs to the summit and uplands beyond. Dropping down to cross Warnscale Beck, and the despoiled area around the Honister slate quarries which is nevertheless an interesting place. The tramway here, where the Drum House remains can be found at the high point, was once the straightest mile in Lakeland. Fleetwith Pike is then a short walk through the workings. From its top the views over Buttermere are stunningly beautiful. From there it takes a quiet little path back past the quarries to follow alongside the beck down to Warnscale Bottom.