Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale Water is a glacial lake in the north western Lake District. Situated at the entrance to the valley of Ennerdale it is surrounded by rugged hills and forestry plantations. One of the more remote locations in the Lakes, there is a long term project to keep and enhance this 'wild' place.

Below Anglers Crag the noticeably red rock on the path is an outcrop of Ennerdale Granite which is an intrusion forced into the Borrowdale rocks of the area that occurred some 450 million years ago. Its colour comes from syenite, a mineral which oxidises to this ruddy red.

Ennerdale Water is a reservoir used for drinking water to supply the surrounding towns and villages.

Allow at least 4 hours for this walk as the paths are rough and take quite a time. A bunch of older chaps said they were taking the whole day, we don't blame them: it's a lovely walk if surprisingly tiring.

There are two car parks at the western end of Ennerdale Water: Bowness Knott, and Bleach Green. Either one makes a suitable starting point for this walk, for our purposes we start at Bleach Green as the road from Ennerdale Green is not quite as narrow.