Launchy Gill

This is a short walk to the rather splendid waterfalls of Launchy Gill on the west side of Thirlmere reservoir. In dry weather it is no doubt a pleasant walk, although the waterfalls might be a bit tame. However, the best time to see a waterfall is after rain, lots of it. And this is when the path is going to be a nightmare. Slippery stone steps, slippery leaves in autumn, slippery tree roots, and the walkway was slippery too. Don't let that put you off! Take walking poles if you have them handy, and allow plenty of time.

When ground conditions are more favourable it would be a great place to explore. Just after the bridge higher on the hillside is an interesting looking boulder that wouldn't take much to roll down the hillside - The Tottling Stone. A faint path heads in that direction.

There are two small laybys either side of the Gill.