Fell Top Weather


Today - Tuesday, 26th October

Heavy SnowNone
Storm Force WindsNone
Severe Chill EffectNone
Poor VisibilityLow
Heavy Persistent RainNone
Strong SunlightNone
A cloudy day with strong southwesterly winds, a period of rain this morning but drier this afternoon.
Cloudy with outbreaks of rain for a time this morning, clear eastwards by lunch time but it will stay quite dull with a few drizzly outbreaks on the fell tops. Mainly dry at low level during the afternoon and evening. Perhaps a few breaks in the cloud in the east during the afternoon.
Visibility will be quite poor at times this morning in rainfall and low cloud. Cloud bases likely to be broken or extensive in the west from 300m but will improve to scattered above 500m to give some views under the low cloud during the afternoon, better visibility is likely around the eastern Fells.
Chance of cloud free summits
30%, low cloud associated with morning rainfall increasing to 60% during the afternoon, more chance of cloud breaks in the east.
Forecaster's view
A windy day with widespread gales during the afternoon and feeling chilly at first on the fells.
Conditions through the day
Freezing Level2000m2600m2200m2300m2200m2200m
900mTemperature (°C)588898
Feels like (°C)-123332
Wind directionSWSWSWSWSWSW
Wind speed (mph)353739454549
Wind gust (mph)424649575864
600mTemperature (°C)7910101010
Feels like (°C)155555
Wind directionSWSWSWSWSWSW
Wind speed (mph)313034393942
Wind gust (mph)404146525459
300mTemperature (°C)91112121212
Feels like (°C)689999
Wind directionSWSWSWSWSWSW
Wind speed (mph)111115161619
Wind gust (mph)303236414247
ValleyTemperature (°C)101214141414
Feels like (°C)81011111111
Wind directionSWSWSWSWSWSW
Wind speed (mph)91416171821
Wind gust (mph)253335394045
dawn 07:26, sunrise 08:03, sunset 17:49, dusk 18:26

Wednesday, 27th October

Potentially a very wet day with persistent heavy rain and the risk of some flooding at low levels and watercourses becoming full. Perhaps some breaks in the rain in the south but otherwise a wet and windy day throughout.
Southwesterly winds 30 mph with gusts 45mph.
Poor or very poor in rainfall and low cloud, navigation aids are likely to be required.
Chance of cloud free summits
10% or less with extensive cloud at low levels.
dawn 07:28, sunrise 08:05, sunset 17:47, dusk 18:24

Thursday, 28th October

Potentially another very wet day for the whole of the Lake District with persistent rain and strong southerly winds, keep a close eye on forecast updates.

Friday, 29th October

Rain becoming more showery on Friday carried on strong and gusty southerly winds. Potential for gales on the Fell tops.

Saturday, 30th October

A little brighter with winds easing and although a scattering showers is likely it will be less wet than much of the week.

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