Fell Top Weather


This evening

Heavy rain persisting for all areas through much of this evening, turning lighter towards midnight. Fresh SW winds and extensive hill fog.

Tomorrow - Thursday, 25th February

Heavy SnowNone
Storm Force WindsNone
Severe Chill EffectLow
Poor VisibilityMedium
Heavy Persistent RainNone
Strong SunlightNone
Cold and windy with morning fog, but plenty of afternoon sunshine.
Patchy rain or summit snow lingering for a few hours after midnight before clearing southeast. A dry, largely clear start to Thursday but cloud will tend to build through morning, shrouding the summits at times, but it will remain dry. Cloud lifting and breaking through afternoon to give plenty of sunshine and a dry, mostly clear evening.
Areas of cloud above around 600m will develop through morning bringing fog conditions to highest ground, but away from these, good visibility expected.
Chance of cloud free summits
50% morning, 90% afternoon.
Forecaster's view
Note freezing levels around summit level, feeling bitterly cold here in the wind. Be aware of poor visibility through morning.
Conditions through the day
Freezing Level1200m900m800m800m800m700m800m800m
900mTemperature (°C)210-0-0-0-0-1
Feels like (°C)-4-6-8-8-7-7-8-8
Wind directionWSWSWSWWWWW
Wind speed (mph)2325292523222321
Wind gust (mph)2933383331312926
600mTemperature (°C)43222221
Feels like (°C)-2-3-4-4-4-3-4-4
Wind directionWSWSWSWWWSWW
Wind speed (mph)1921232120201717
Wind gust (mph)2629332929302425
300mTemperature (°C)65445544
Feels like (°C)32112211
Wind directionWWSWSWWWWW
Wind speed (mph)991010111166
Wind gust (mph)2023252525251817
ValleyTemperature (°C)77667766
Feels like (°C)44334443
Wind directionSWSWSWSWWWWW
Wind speed (mph)98911121177
Wind gust (mph)1920222323231717
dawn 06:34, sunrise 07:10, sunset 17:40, dusk 18:17

Fell Top Assessors' report

Fell Top Conditions on Wednesday 24 February

Readings from Helvellyn summit at 10:56

Temperature plus 3.1°C Maximum wind speed 33.8mph Wind chill minus 4.8°C Average wind speed 27.4mph Wind direction WSW

We are continuing to provide the Fell Top Reports for people undertaking their daily local exercise during the lockdown. We would like to remind everyone that Government guidance stipulates that people should only exercise locally, not leaving the village, town or city where they live.

Here is today's report:

Another very wet day in the Lakes with Cumbria under a Met Office yellow warning for rain until 20:00 this evening.

The ground is saturated and many rivers are in spate with areas of localised flooding across the county.

Although relatively snow-free, conditions in the higher fells remain challenging with strong winds and driving rain.

What snow remains needs to be treated with care as it tends to be found on steep ground around north and east-facing corrie headwalls.

The final section of Swirral edge is a good example, where an area of unavoidable snow needs to be negotiated, from where a slip could result in a long and damaging fall.

With overnight summit temperatures forecast to be around freezing tomorrow, the remaining snow could refreeze and microspikes or crampons may be required to negotiate this and similar areas safely.

Patches of ice are also still present on the summit plateau and are proving very resistant to the milder temperatures.

As a result of the ground being well frozen earlier in the month and subsequently having thawed out, it is now very soft and prone to erosional damage in many places.

Please help us to reduce the impact by sticking to footpaths where possible and of course avoiding any unnecessary damage.

Despite the milder temperatures, the summit windchill remains below freezing so full winter clothing (waterproofs, extra warm layers, hat & gloves), mountain boots, and additional equipment including a map and compass, headtorch and survival blanket/shelter are all essential for anyone going out onto the fells.

Please be conservative with your plans and know your limits.

Friday, 26th February

Dry with variable cloud amounts through the day with some low level cloud likely early and late. Away from this, skies will often be clear, allowing some lengthy spells of sunshine.
Southwest 15-20 gusting up to 30mph.
Some mist of fog may develop in the valleys through morning, and some areas of low cloud likely across the Southern Fells through evening. Otherwise, very good visibility.
Chance of cloud free summits
dawn 06:31, sunrise 07:07, sunset 17:42, dusk 18:18

Saturday, 27th February

A cloudier day to Friday as areas of thick and low cloud develop through morning, bringing some light rain or drizzle. A brighter, drier afternoon looks likely. Mainly light winds throughout.

Sunday, 28th February

Light winds will allow some mist or fog to form in the valleys early and late, but plenty of dry and sunny weather expected by day.

Monday, 1st March

Dry with variable cloud amounts - some hill fog likely as well as some sunshine.

This forecast contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence.

WalkLakes recognises that hill walking, or walking in the mountains, is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death.
Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.