Fell Top Weather


This evening

Partly cloudy with occasionally heavy snow showers. Strong westerly winds with risk of temporary blizzard conditions.

Tomorrow - Wednesday, 26th February

Heavy SnowLow
Storm Force WindsNone
Severe Chill EffectMedium
Poor VisibilityMedium
Heavy Persistent RainNone
Strong SunlightLow
Sunny spells and occasionally heavy snow showers. Strong winds bringing temporary blizzards.
Clear or sunny spells and snow showers, the showers occasionally heavy and perhaps thundery. The showers will be most frequent in the west, where they may merge to give a longer spell of snow for a time in the morning, with the best of the sunshine across eastern fells. Showers likely to ease and become fewer and further between for a time around the middle of the day. With strong winds there will be blizzard conditions at times and fresh lying snow will blow and drift. The fresh lying snow will also produce a significant glare in any sunshine.
Good or very good at times but falling to around a kilometre in snow showers and blowing and drifting snow, and near zero in temporary blizzards.
Chance of cloud free summits
Around 40% with occasional or broken cloud above 600m in the west but may lower to 25% for a time in the morning, but nearer 60% in east with cloud more occasional above 750m. However views may still be spoilt by blowing or drifting snow.
Forecaster's view
Gusts around 55mph possible over ridges and summits.
Conditions through the day
Freezing Level300m300m300m300m400m400m400m300m
900mTemperature (°C)-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4
Feels like (°C)-13-13-13-14-13-12-13-12
Wind directionWNWNWNWNWWWW
Wind speed (mph)2424243728282623
Wind gust (mph)3131314738393531
600mTemperature (°C)-2-2-2-2-1-1-2-2
Feels like (°C)-9-9-9-10-8-9-9-9
Wind directionWNWNWNWWWWW
Wind speed (mph)2019192523232119
Wind gust (mph)2827263533343128
300mTemperature (°C)00002110
Feels like (°C)-4-4-4-5-3-3-4-3
Wind directionWNWNWNWNWWWW
Wind speed (mph)999121111107
Wind gust (mph)2423233129292623
ValleyTemperature (°C)33335433
Feels like (°C)-10-1-11100
Wind directionWNWNWNWWWWW
Wind speed (mph)978101212108
Wind gust (mph)2320212830282522
dawn 06:33, sunrise 07:09, sunset 17:41, dusk 18:17

Fell Top Assessors' report

Fell Top Conditions on Tuesday 25 February

Readings from Helvellyn summit at 00:05

Temperature minus 2.9°C Maximum wind speed 21.4mph Wind chill minus 11.7°C Average wind speed 17.6mph Wind direction WSW - SW

Fresh snow and hail fell overnight and continued as showers during the day. Although it was hailing down to 200m, it was only really settling above 400m adding to existing accumulations. Once again, this fresh snow fell with an accompanying W to SW wind. Above 400m the average snow depth rises with height; however, the actual depth varies considerably from little, or nothing, on aspects prone to the wind to drifts of 100cm – although such depth is the exception. The greatest accumulations are found in sheltered spots and hollows and on east and north facing aspects where, especially above 850m, there was quite a bit of windslab where care needs to be taken. Above 700m, and especially above 800m, paths and ground not covered by snow was covered by large patches of ice.

There are cornices on the edges of north and east facing aspects. Limited visibility only allowed a brief inspection, but they have grown over the past 48 hours, so please keep well away from such edges and advise those with less experience to do likewise.

Full winter clothing (waterproofs, warm layers, hat & gloves), footwear and equipment are essential for anyone venturing out onto the fells. For those going above the snowline and attempting, or traversing, steep ground, an ice axe and crampons are also essential. This is even the case on easier angled terrain, such as the approaches and parts of the summit plateau, owing to the amount of ice on the ground – although microspikes would be sufficient here. Exposed routes above the snowline, such as Swirral and Striding Edges, are in winter condition and should only be attempted by those experienced in, and equipped for, winter mountaineering.

Climbers – do be aware of unstable cornices and windslab and please only attempt routes if you are certain that they are in condition and that you will not damage the rare alpine plants either on the climb or on the approach to it. Please refer to the BMC "White Climbing Guide" for details.

Thursday, 27th February

Another day of clear or sunny spells and snow showers, the showers generally lighter and less frequent than Wednesday. Lying snow still likely to blow and drift in the wind and produce glare in the sunshine.
Westerly 20-25mph, gusts around 45mph over ridges and summits, easing 15-20mph through the late afternoon and evening. Significant chill still expected.
Very good falling to around a kilometre in snow showers and in blowing or drifting snow.
Chance of cloud free summits
Around 75% with occasional cloud above 750m lowering to 600m at times.
dawn 06:31, sunrise 07:07, sunset 17:43, dusk 18:19

Friday, 28th February

Dry bright start but cloud increasing through morning with occasionally heavy rain, preceded by snow, spreading east through afternoon. Strengthening southerly winds. Significant thaw setting in as freezing levels rise above summits.

Saturday, 29th February

Rain clearing overnight then sunny spells and occasionally heavy blustery showers, these turning increasingly wintry, even to low levels for a time. Strong to gale force southwesterly winds. Freezing level falling to around 450m.

Sunday, 1st March

Clear or sunny spells and blustery wintry showers. Strong to gale force westerly winds easing. Freezing level falling to 300m or less.

This forecast contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence.

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