Fell Top Weather


Today - Wednesday, 29th November

Heavy Persistent SnowNone
Storm Force WindsNone
Severe Chill EffectNone
Poor VisibilityNone
Heavy Persistent RainNone
Strong SunlightNone
Cold and sunny or clear.
Mainly dry clear and cold, and mostly sunny by day. Freezing fog possible in the valleys, perhaps some early low cloud across the Eastern and Far Eastern Fells.
Generally no significant low cloud expected, but chance of patches or occasional cloud, base 300m or less at first in the morning across the east. Visibility mostly very good or excellent, except in freezing fog and early low cloud.
Chance of cloud free summits
Forecaster's view
Nothing further to add.
Conditions through the day
Freezing Level00m00m100m100m00m100m
900mTemperature (°C)-4-5-5-5-5-5
Feels like (°C)-11-12-11-11-12-12
Wind directionNENENENENENE
Wind speed (mph)151713121616
Wind gust (mph)181917151919
600mTemperature (°C)-3-4-3-3-4-3
Feels like (°C)-9-9-8-8-9-9
Wind directionNENENENENENE
Wind speed (mph)1010991011
Wind gust (mph)131312131316
300mTemperature (°C)-2-20-1-2-2
Feels like (°C)-4-4-3-3-5-5
Wind directionNNNENNN
Wind speed (mph)435455
Wind gust (mph)131211101313
ValleyTemperature (°C)112211
Feels like (°C)-2-2-1-1-2-2
Wind directionNENENENENN
Wind speed (mph)667677
Wind gust (mph)151512121515
dawn 07:24, sunrise 08:07, sunset 15:54, dusk 16:36

Thursday, 30th November

Mainly dry and cold with a frost for much of the time. Bright or sunny spells by day, clear skies at times at night. However, occasional light snow or snow flurries possible, mainly in the east.
Northeast 15 to 20mph.
Often nil significant, but occasional or extensive, base 600m, possible at times, mainly in the east. Visibility mostly very good, but poor or very poor in any snow or cloud.
Chance of cloud free summits
dawn 07:26, sunrise 08:08, sunset 15:53, dusk 16:36

Friday, 1st December

Often bright, sunny or clear. However, occasional snow showers are expected to push through from the east. Fresh to strong northeast winds at height with a severe wind chill. Freezing at all levels.

Saturday, 2nd December

Often bright, sunny or clear. However, the odd snow shower possible. Light or moderate northerly winds at height. Freezing at all levels.

Sunday, 3rd December

Rather cloudy with occasional snow or snow showers, perhaps turning to rain at lower levels. Moderate to fresh west or southwest winds. Freezing level slowly rising, but all levels at first. Low confidence in details.

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